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Post #10 - Guilty Pleasures

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Previous Entry Post #10 Aug. 1st, 2005 @ 05:56 pm
Jack whistled cheerfully as he flipped a pancake. He wasn't sure what tune he was whistling, didn't remember it, but that didn't matter. Turning his head, he kept an eye on the scrambled eggs as his other hand stirred them. And people said he couldn't multitask. They'd never seen him cook clearly.

Emily rolled over in bed and stretched languidly. She really, really needed to jump in the shower, but breakfast was cooking. She lucked out with Jack. She loved cooking, but it was so nice being with someone who's cooking skills equaled hers. Opting for a quick shower, she jumped out of bed, grabbed one of Jack's t-shirts out of the top drawer and hit the bathroom in a hurry. When she finally joined him in the kitchen, she was wearing nothing but it Jack's t-shirt and her hair was still wet. "Oh God, Jack," she said softly. "That smells delicious."

Spooning the scrambled eggs onto a plate, Jack put it on the kitchen table and took in the view. "And you *look* delicious. Can I have you for breakfast instead?"

"You can have me *after* breakfast," she joked. "Besides, I really had to take a shower. And since you're drawer is on the top, I pulled out one of your T's. It's pretty much a dress on me, so there you go!"

The wicked grin on her lover's face widened "Oh yeahh...but, y'know, guys love it. Getting to see their girl in their clothes. Huge turn on. Huge."

"Well, yeah, there is that too." She winked and picked up a strawberry. She took a bite of it and leaned against the counter. "You keep spoiling me like this and I may never cook again." She couldn't help but watch him. Age had been so very good to him... good for both of them as she was reaping the benefits.

He grinned. "Oh yes you will. Can't have screaming good apron sex if you don't cook. That apron wouldn't look half as good on me."

She took another bite out of her strawberry and smiled devilishly. "And I distinctly remember that you were supposed to wear it for me. Yet, I don't see it on you at all. What is wrong with this picture?"

He grinned. "I'm the one cooking and not you?"

"NO!" She shook her head vigorously. "I kind of like the idea of not having to cook. The wrong thing in the picture here is that you aren't wearing the apron! Now, you'll have to cook again and make sure you wear it." She moved over to the stove and inhaled deeply. "Oh yeah, you're so cooking again."

He grinned, leaning over and kissing her ear. "Yes ma'am. More than happy to ma'am." Turning her, he gave her a proper kiss good morning. He liked those. A lot."

She pressed into the kiss and her arms wrapped around his shoulders. This was dangerous but delicious territory. They'd already proven that they couldn't keep their hands off each other. When the kiss ended, she rubbed her nose to his. "Now that's a good morning," she said.

"Mmm... it is." He agreed. "Remind me to ravish you after we're done eating. I really think a little ravishing is in order with you looking like that."

She pulled from his embrace and went to get the orange juice from the fridge. "Well, if you'd been wearing the apron, you may have gotten ravished before. But since you didn't..." She shrugged and smiled brightly. "Too bad for you."

"Well," Jack poured himself and Emily a cup of coffee then put them on the table. "We need fueling up after the marathon last night so..." He grinned. "We eat then we ravish."

"Yeah, but I slept so hard last night. I don't even remember you turning off the TV. Normally I remember at least that." She sat down at the table and poured them both some juice. "I probably would have stayed in bed too, but the lure of food is something I can't deny."

Jack buttered the toast and put a slice on her plate. "Well, you need food. Refuel. Besides, we're gonna end up back in bed anyway. Might as well get out while you can."

She shivered a little a the thought of that. Oh sure their relationship was more than just sex. Oh yeah... But she wasn't complaining... not at all. Damn but just looking at him got her hot... and wet... and she wasn't wearing underwear. She smiled widely. "Well then let's refuel. Eat up." She winked and took a bite of her toast.

Jack grinned around a mouthful of pancake. "Aye aye ma'am." He gave her a little salute with the fork before reaching for his coffee. He was *starved*. They'd pretty much burned through what was left of the Chinese and...yeah, still starving. But, like he'd said, they'd worked up one hell of an appetite. He had a feeling they'd be doing it again too."

Emily layered her eggs on top of her pancakes, added a dollop of butter and then slathered it with syrup. Cutting into the pile, she nearly made the bite too big but managed to get it down. Damn, she hadn't realized how hungry she was. And it was really good too. It was excellent actually. Swallowing her bite, she said, "Oh damn... this is soooo good."

He gave her a grin. "Breakfast is the most important meal and all that stuff. I figure we should eat good."

She had another bite almost in her mouth when the eggs fell off the top and she had to start again. "Jack," she said, stabbing her eggs, "with the way we go, we'll need a big lunch and a big dinner too. Maybe I should put something in the crock pot before we start in. Takes just like a second." That said, she popped the fork full of food in her mouth.

"You should." He nodded. "Either that or you're the one paying the delivery guy this time." This was said with a teasing wink. "He likes you better."

"I think that's because he's straight and if I answer the door half-naked, then there's something to gain, huh?" She smiled and took yet another bite. She contemplated for a moment and then nodded as she made the decision. "Okay, I'll put food on for us. We can eat on it all day." She took a big drink of her orange juice. "Oh man, you are so in charge of breakfast from now on."

Jack got up to go get some more coffee, kissing her on the top of her head as he passed. "No problem. I live to give you orgasmic food experiences. More eggs?"

"Orgasmic food experiences... yeah. Breakfast... dessert... And then there's the other kinds of orgasms." When he went into the kitchen, she made quick haste of what was left of her pancake. Unladylike, yes. Emily Crichton, though, had no problem with being unladylike when it came to hunger. She polished off her juice, and turned her attention to her coffee.

"Room for more?" Jack asked, returning and sitting down again. He inclined his head in the direction of her plate. "Or you done?"

"Oh, I'm not done," she said, "I'm just taking a breather." He didn't seem to mind that she had a fairly aggressive appetite. She'd had it all her life so maybe he was just used to it. "You said that we should refuel. I'm gonna fill up." She winked and set her coffee mug down before taking two more pancakes.

He grinned. "Good cause there's a ton left in there. I had a domestic moment this morning. Scary when I have those but...I had one."

She reached out and grabbed his hand, giving it a squeeze before letting go so she should get some more eggs. Basically, she was going to eat a full second helping. Though this time, she added strawberries to her pancakes and didn't top with the eggs. She attacked this round with the same vigor as she had the first.

Jack took his second plate a little slower, content to sit and watch her eat. She was adorable even when eating like she'd never seen food before. Actually, that's probably why she was so damn adorable. She wasn't afraid of food. Enjoyed it. It was a relief. She was a relief and he loved every second of it.

When she got through half of her second helping, she paused for more juice. "Okay... now I'm starting to get full." She smiled.

He laughed. "Well, there's plenty more if you're not. Like I said, got domestic this morning. Scarily domestic." Eyebrows rose and he winked.

"You did. Though now that breakfast is your KP duty, I'll look forward to more delicious breakfasts." She set down her coffee mug and reached for his hand. "One of these days," she said, taking the conversation in a completely different direction, "when we can stay out of bed long enough, I want to go flying. I haven't piloted my Cessna in a long time. I want to bring it up here and take us on a trip." She couldn't help it. The idea of a vacation with him... a full week of this... it was a wonderful thought.

Jack tilted his head and nodded once. "We'll see about fitting it in. Be nice to go flying for flying's sake again." He agreed with a nostalgic look in his eye. Most of the time he tended to be off saving the world when he flew stuff lately and well, that did kinda get bothersome.

It really was a love that they shared. Emily didn't have it in her to join the Air Force, and she never, ever forgot that Jack was the one who maneuvered it so that she could fly the jet when she got her first PhD. That was filed away as one of her best memories ever. "A Cessna isn't a jet," she winked as she said. "But I still say there's nothing like it. Just getting in the cockpit and go wherever we want to go." She loved the freedom of flying, always had.

"And not having to worry about getting your ass shot off on the way." Jack agreed with a nod and a fond grin. "Best part I think. Have to see when Hammond can give us the time off. First chance we get...."

Setting down her mug, she moved from her seat and sat comfortably in his lap. "Jack, dear, the best part is being with you. I really don't care if my ass is getting shot at, so long as I'm with you, I can handle anything." She ran a finger along his ear. She meant that too.

"Well *I* care." He responded emphatically, his body immediately reacting to the feather light touch. The woman so knew how to push every single one of his buttons. The imp. She was gonna kill him with that.

Her hand moved behind his neck and she rested her forehead on his. "Jack," she said his name softly. Of course, she didn't mean this to be a sexual stimulation. She just really needed to touch him and be held at the moment. "Well I love you... and I mean it. I just want to be with you... in my plane... flying wherever we decide to go. That's the best part... the absolute best."

"It is." He agreed quietly, rubbing noses with her. "Absolutely the best." Kissing her, he brushed a thumb over her chin gently, stroking the soft skin.

She sat that way for a moment before moving her head to the side and hugging him. Just hugging him. It was one of those moments. Those deep moments where the best part of being alive was feeling love and giving love. Mushy? Yeah. But that was Emily. She'd learned the hard way to make the most of moments like this. She wasn't a fool, losing him on a mission was a real possibility. So she was going to make the best of every second they had. Right now, that included this hug. "You're the best," she whispered, holding him more tightly.

"Nah, but I like pretending." Jack countered with feigned casualness. He'd never been good with the super emotional stuff. Emily handled it a lot better than he did. She was amazing about that stuff. He just smiled and went with it. "Specially when I'm with you."

She didn't move from the hug. She just wasn't ready to do that yet. "Naw. Or should I say, you're the best with me. Not many men would put up with me and my baggage, Jack." Regardless of what anyone thought, she had a lot of baggage. Baggage in the form of the memory of her dead husband and the guilt she felt over his 'death'.

He couldn't help the wry laugh that came out in response to her comment. "Em...baggage? You have seen mine right? Cause...baggage? I brought the whole damn airport."

She pulled away and nodded in understanding. "I know." She did know too... was there through some of it. "Guess it's what makes you perfect for me. Hence, you're the best." She gave him an encouraging wink.

"Well, if you say so." He conceded with a wink in return. "Perfect for you huh?" This brought out a smug grin. "Sweet."

She playfully pulled on one of his chest hairs and laughed at his reaction. "Don't get smug on my, Colonel O'Neill. Because like it or not, I'm perfect for you. Unlike you, I have a lot of other things besides baggage to put up with." She kissed him quickly. "Not that I'm complaining, mind you? But it's a fact."

"Oh yeah, you're totally perfect." He agreed with a grin, stealing a longer kiss. "And, I say you can have a few complaints if you want. What with the sheer imbalance of angst I've got going on." Another kiss. "But, I promise lots of cuddles and fun to make up for it."

"Oh yeah, see, those make up for everything." She couldn't help but chuckle. "Okay, I admit that and the food. I do appreciate a man who can cook."

"Then I'd best start contemplating the menu for tomorrow." He countered with a look of concern. "How to outdo the wonders of today. Knew I should've started out smaller. Maybe a little brunch instead of the wonders I came up with."

"Ooooo!" She gave him another kiss and a hug before nodding. "Funny because normally it's the way to a man's heart... through his stomach. Seems to be the opposite in our relationship. Although you outdo this... and I'll bake cookies." She waggled her brows because baking meant the apron.

A gleam entered Jack's eyes. "Cookies huh? I love a good cookie." He agreed. "The smell of cookies...the look of cookies..." Meaning the look of Emily baking cookies. Oh he loved it. That apron...aprons? Probably not supposed to be a turn on but...huge. Huge turn on.

Their relationship revolved around food. That thought made her laugh. With a slight shift in her position, she straddled his legs and wrapped her arms around his neck again. "You like my cookies, huh?"

He slid his hands down to rest on her thighs, squeezing a little. "Oh I *love* your cookies. Gorgeous, gorgeous cookies."

"Mm, and your favorite part? Or should I ask for your favorite cookie?" She leaned in and kissed his lips slowly, langorously. "I know what my favorite cookie is."

Jack moved into another kiss before answering with a wicked look. "Oh I have many, many favorite...cookies. Can't possibly pick just one."

"Except, love, that you can only sample one cookie at a time." She moved higher on his lap. "So you may not have to pick your favorite, but you do have to pick the one you want to eat right now."

"You," Jack began solemnly, his hands sliding around to pull her firmer onto him, "are absolutely, completely and totally dangerous. Very dangerous. Highest level of threat possible dangerous."

"It's a gift," she teased. "Though I only choose to wield my power with you." She leaned in and began kissing his neck. "I think my pancakes are cold," she whispered in his ear.

"We can heat 'em up." He promised, lips finding her neck. "Microwaves are our friend."

"Mmmmmm. I'd rather heat something else up." She pressed against him, realizing that she was definitely heating up exactly what she wanted to.

"Oh, I'd say you've done that in fine style." Jack agreed in a hoarse voice as she rubbed against him. "Definitely heated up, definitely heated up."

"Yet not enough. Not nearly enough because we're still sitting at the table," she whispered in his ear again. This time, though, she licked along the outer edge before her tongue dipped just inside.

"What, you don't wanna try it here?" He teased in the same voice, his hands sliding up and down her back as he turned to brush kisses up her neck. "Go for it on the table?"

She didn't even have to think about her answer to that. She just moved her attentions from his ear to his mouth, which she took vigorously. Her hands went to either side of his head and she poured as much gusto into that kiss as she could. She was all for trying new and exciting places, and he had offered.

And what Jack offered...Jack delivered. At least...this time.


"And, *this*, I'm sure, you remember entirely too well." Opening the door to his cabin, Jack grinned proudly, presenting the interior to his lover with a flourish.

"Be still my heart," she said, pressing her hands to her chest. "It's the cabin of my dreams." Okay, so the truth of the matter was that she did have fond memories of this place. This place was the basis for many a great story that she loved sharing with all his friends. His friends who were rapidly becoming her friends too. She walked around, lightly touching the furniture as she passed. "Okay, I have to admit this. I love it here and you know it."

Dropping their bags just inside the door, Jack watched her with extraordinarily pleased eyes. "Yup. I figured...we've got leave. Should take it...run away and just...fish...and stuff."

"Knowing you," she teased, "there will be more 'and stuff' than actual fishing." She made her way to the 'kitchen' and opened the dusty cupboard. They'd have to make another run into town for food and supplies. A week here would be paradise, but the lake really didn't have any fish. "You know, since it's warmer outside, I think I'm gonna work on my tan a bit. I'm used to being a golden brown all year long. This pale skin tone is new to me."

In the midst of carrying supplies into the kitchen, Jack's eyes lit up. "Tanning huh?" He stopped, looking over his shoulder. "And...this tanning...would require...say...a state of undress?"

"Weeeellll... I've never actually had the audacity to lay out au naturale." She winked. "But I did pack a bikini or two." She turned to face him, waving her hand over her body. "I mean, look at me. I haven't been this pale this late into summer, early fall, in a very, very long time. I always sorta took pride in my tan. This is what working underground has led me too." She smiled so he'd know she was teasing. Though she really did want to use some of this leave time to tan if she could.

"Awww...poor sun deprived Emily." He teased, depositing the supplies in the kitchen before returning to kiss her. "And, there's hardly anybody for miles and miles so..." He winked.

"Insatiable," she teased. "Insatiable and incorrigible." She poked him in the chest. "You, Jack O'Neill, have a one track mind." Not that she was complaining. She'd had months of physical and emotional bliss. There was definitely not a complaint in site.

"Well, a gorgeous train runs on it." He countered with a grin. "Can you blame me?" He was enjoying this entirely too much. Vacations from the SGC had never been this good before Emily.

Damn man could still make her blush. With cheeks flaming red, she leaned in and stood on her toes to kiss his cheek. At the same time, she gave his thigh a swat. "I could do a lot of things, but blaming you isn't one of them. Now, go get the rest of the supplies so we can get them loaded in. I'd like to get this place livable and maybe we can hit the lake while the sun's still out. Maybe go swimming or something." She laughed at that.

Jack's mind filled with images of the kind of fun that could go along with swimming and he promptly grabbed a broom. "Let's get to it then!" He announced cheerfully, briskly sweeping the floor.

Emily stood there for a moment, mouth agape at the sight of Jack sweeping the floor. He was smiling while doing it. Smiling! She thought to check the back of his neck, not to see if he had been taken over by a goa'uld, but to see if he were a pod person. The Jack O'Neill she lived with rarely, if ever, went about chores with this much gusto before. Picking up a dustcloth from their supplies, she started dusting the cabinets so she could stock them with food. She paused with her hand half-way to the cabinet and had to turn back to look at him again. The man was smiling. Whether it was the promise of sex later or just being here with her, she didn't really know for sure. She watched him for a few more seconds before turning back to her own task. "Well, now that I know how to motivate you, I'm gonna have to do that more often."

Dropping a kiss on her cheek as he passed, Jack winked. "Oh, well then...expect the new and improved, happy cheerful Jack to stick around then. A guy can definitely get used to your kind of motivation."

She stopped her cleaning and turned to face him. "New and improved?" she questioned. "Funny. The Jack I've known most of my life was a very vibrant person. He loved being with his friends and family. He laughed... a lot. Teased even more. I think it's great to see him again, actually. I'm glad I was able to help in that respect. Not new and improved, just returning to 'normal'."

"Ahh then the restoration of Jack O'Neill," Jack threw his arms wide, nearly dropping the broom but saving it at the last moment, "is complete!"

Emily nearly dropped her dust cloth, she was laughing so hard. "Yay!" she called out, twirling the cloth over her head. "My work here is done." She looked over at the dusty counter. "Well, almost. I still need to dust." Giving him a warm smile, she said, "I mean that though. I love your smile." She really wanted to give that to him for the rest of his life... or her life... however it worked out.

Jack caught her around the waist, pulling her into a quick dance about the kitchen. "Forget the dust. We'll sneeze it out of the way later." He informed her decisively, kissing her impetuously.

She laughed as he continued to twirl her around. Her arms went around his neck. "Sounds like a plan to me. I have no doubt we're going to stir enough of it up." Even months into this, they were still going strong in the physical part of their relationship.

He lifted her off her feet and sat her on the counter. "Better get started then, hmm?" He asked brushing at the dust with a distracted hand.

She waved her hand in the air and the dust out of her face. "I'd say, you're doing a great job of it." She covered her nose and sneezed. "Very good."

He grinned, waving a hand before her face to clear the dust. "Killing the mood huh?"

She laughed before sneezing again. "Dust allergy," she said. "I can't imagine how appealing I DON'T look right now." Leaning over, she grabbed a paper towel to wipe off her hands. "Soooo attractive, I know." She winked but her eyes were watering."

"You're gorgeous." He argued quietly, lifting her up and moving her away from the dust. No need to aggravate allergies. Daniel'd probably fill the lake with piranha as punishment. Those with allergies stuck together. Besides...Emily suffering even a little was a bad thing. "What's a little allergy sneezage among lovers?"

"True. We share more than a little sneeze spray." She laughed. Her arms went around his neck again. "We could just go outside. Like you said, no one around for miles." She waggled her brows suggestively.

The wicked gleam returned to Jack's eyes. "Why Doc, I do believe you read my mind." He tilted his head and winked. "Only question? Water? No water?"

She thought about it for a moment. There were distinct advantages for both. "Hmmm... maybe start in the water and then try our impression of From Here To Eternity? I'm not Deborah Kerr... but it would be fun."

With a grin, Jack started out the door with her in his arms. "The ever so lovely Ms Kerr, in my entirely unhumble opinion, is wonderful but not nearly close to you."

Emily smiled, leaning in to kiss his ear as he carried her outside. "Flattery, my love, will get you everywhere. And Burt Lancaster has nothing on you. Nothing at all."

"Damn straight he doesn't." Jack agreed emphatically. "Not wearing one of those monstrosities on *this* face."

"Definitely not," she concurred. "Besides, I prefer my military man to be... well... sarcastic, funny, endearing, caring." She made a face that was mock-surprise. "What do you know? That's you! Who'd a thought it?!" She winked.

Jack put her down, resting his hands on her shoulders and grinning at her. "You did apparently." He agreed then kissed her. "Always did love the way you think."

"And think and think and think. At least, though, there aren't any thoughts about engines and spaceships and crystals going through my mind at the moment. All that's going on through here is you." She pointed to her head. "Kinda nice that."

"Ahh...but if they aren't then where did they come from to talk about them?" Jack asked with a grin, his fingers toying the top button of her shirt.

"Well, I should rephrase then. They're always there, but they aren't active right now. How's that?" She looked down to watch as he expertly undid her buttons. "Um... what was I thinking about? I have no idea." Damn man could vanquish all thoughts of anything but him.

"Oh, something about lake and sex and lots of 'oh god yes Jack' and, 'right there, Jack...' and then maybe a little cussing and possible some prayer." He leaned down, kissing the skin bared by his work. "Sound good?"

"Oh God yes, Jack," she answered. Her head fell backwards and her hands went into his hair. Had to be a record... they'd lasted a half hour since arriving here before starting foreplay. They were slipping for sure.

"See, you're already off to a great start!" he enthused, his mouth still lightly pressing against her skin. "Fantastic start really. Always were quick off the draw huh?"

"I catch on quickly and have a photographic memory." She sighed. His lips on her skin sent all kinds of delicious tingles through her body. "Don't know that that makes me quick off the draw, but it definitely makes me a nerd."

"Mm...lucky for you I've got a nerd kink." He teased, lowering her to the ground. "Can't," kiss, "get," kiss, "enough." Another kiss.

That caused her to shiver. He obviously couldn't get enough. She was actually counting their encounters as part of her daily workout anymore. "Oh yes," she said, "never enough."

"Precisely what I was thinking!" He pronounced with a merry grin then leaned over to kiss her again. "It's true y'know..."

She looked up at him and smiled. "What? That you are insatiable? Yeah. I knew that. It's helping me keep my girlish figure," she teased.

"Well that too." Jack agreed cheerfully, "But I was thinking more along the lines of the fact they say everything tastes better at the cabin." Nipping at her earlobe and tugging it briefly, he lifted up to add. "You taste damn good anyway but here..." He grinned wider. "I love this place.”

That was something she did know. When he was here, everything in him relaxed. All the tension slipped away and he became the Jack she remembered so clearly. The fun-loving one who didn't get frustrated so much as it was a good-humored agitation. Nothing fazed him when he was here. For the first time, she was on the receiving end of that, and it was fantastic. "So do I," she said. "Fish aren't even necessary." She brought him in for another kiss. "I have all I need right here."

"Oh fish are good but..." Jack grinned, his hands going to the tab of her jeans. "At the moment, I'd like them to please stay at the deeper end of the lake. Otherwise, things get a little...unusual."

She laughed, lifting up her hips so that he could more easily slide off her jeans. "Jack, love, there are no fish in this lake at all." She helped by toeing off her shoes so her jeans could slide right off. "Just wiggly creatures that like to hide in your shorts."

“There are too fish." He protested, leaning over to kiss her belly. "They eat the wiggly creatures and we eat the fish."

"There are no fish, Jack." It really didn't matter to her whether there really were fish or not. What mattered to her was the banter. It was just too much fun. Of course, his lips on her belly, and then his tongue... holy shit!

He felt her tense beneath him and chuckled. Pressing a hand onto her hip, he held her in place as his tongue wandered around and on her clit. He didn't stay too long in one particular place...didn't want her adjusting or moving too fast.

Oh this was such a pleasant surprise. Reaching out with her hands, she grabbed to hands full of grass and wasn't surprised when she actually ripped it out of the ground. What she wanted to do was move her hips, to push them into his damn hot mouth and make him stay where she most wanted him to be.

Determinedly, Jack held on to her hips, holding her down as his tongue teased and played with her. He dipped down further at one point then worked his way back up to her clit, teasing it further. At this point, he paused to look up and watch her features, a gleam of desire in his eyes.

"Jack..." she panted out, her voice nearly in a hiss, "don't you dare... stop now..." She pressed her hips against his hands, urging him to finish what he'd started.

"Why not?" Jack lifted a brow. "Was thinking about going into town for some gas. Gonna need more for the generator y'know."

She didn't want to beg... she really didn't want to do that. She had been so close... so very close when he suddenly just stopped. Torture, torture had to feel just like this. She closed her eyes and tried to focus her breathing... to get something under some semblance of control. She was going to hurt him, big time. Two more deep breaths and she was feeling a bit better. "Okay," she managed to say.

"Cool." He decided then returned to his torture. Couldn't do to let her recover too much. This was all about the fun after all and, well, it was more fun this way. A LOT more. She was gonna go nuts by the time he was done.

She cried out, at least she thought it was her voice. It may have been a bird too. Emily really had no idea which it was, and she really didn't care. She just... man, she had no idea that his tongue could do that. That trick just cost his land two more patches of grass.

Jack stopped abruptly and replaced his mouth with his fingers, teasing her playfully, sliding his index finger inside.

She had been just about to scream at him again when his finger slid inside of her. Though that action did cause her to cry out. She knew it was her this time. "J... Jack," she stumbled though his name. She could feel her climax starting from deep inside her. She just needed that one touch... that one movement to push her over the edge. He still wasn't letting her move her hips so she could guide him to it though. Her body was crying out nearly as loudly as her voice was.

Lifting his gaze to her face, he grinned. "Close hmmm?" He teased, his thumb rubbing her clit in slow circles.

She shook her head no as that was the final touch that her body seemed to need and she came... hard. Her entire body literally shook with is. She had no idea if she cried out, called his name or just God's or both. She didn't know, didn't care. It just felt so damn good.

Jack stopped to watch her, his hand now resting on her stomach again, stroking slowly as she rocketed her way through it. He had it bad for this one. But, he couldn't have been happier about it.

She had thought she was done, only to have it hit her again. When it finally subsided, she opened her eyes and looked at him. Her breath was still coming in gasps though. "You... did that... on purpose," she managed to tease.

"Me?" He teased with a grin. "Would I do something like that?"

"Always," she said, getting more control of her body. She smiled. "I wouldn't change you though, not for anything." She reached out for him, wanting to hold him and be held by him. Just for a moment, and then she'd get her revenge.

"Imagine my relief." Jack sighed out, leaning over to kiss her. "And, for the record, not changing you either. Well, I may let you change *clothes* but you...not so much."

"You *may* let me change clothes?" She shook her head as he rolled them over so she was on top. Resting her head on his chest, she put her arms at his sides and squeezed to simulate a hug. "That's okay. I'm not letting you change either."

"I may." He agreed. "You looked kinda hot now. May not wanna change that y'know." Jack then cast an appraising look at himself. "Well...we may wanna let me change."

"Nope, not doin' it." She shook her head and snuggled into his chest. "Sorry, you can't change. Not ever."

"Not ever? These clothes are pretty muddy y'know." He pointed out with a grin. "It'll be kinda hard to explain to the General."

She sighed audibly and lifted her head from his chest. "You think we could just... you know... snuggle for a minute. Lemme catch my breath. Bask in the euphoria I feel with... oh I don't know... you hugging me back or something." She stuck her tongue out at him before returning her head to his chest.

Jack returned to lightly stroking her stomach with one hand, his other running over her hair. "Take all the time you want." He informed her with a smile. "Best part of being out here...we have all the time in the world."

"It's your own fault," she said, sighing. She was indeed content just to lie here on him and listen to all of nature around her. She really loved it here, not as much as he did. "You wore me out... teasing me." She lifted her head and smiled down at him. "Although I do recover rather quickly."

"So you've said." He countered with a grin. "This fresh country air must be having fun with you too."

"I love fresh air," she said, working on the rest of his clothing now. "I miss being out in it." She bent her head to place loving kisses along his chest. "Having you outside... it's beyond bliss." She paused in her kisses and looked up at him. "Though anywhere I can be with you is blissful."

Jack swallowed a groan of pleasure then lifted his head to look at her. "See, this is why you're better at the emotional talk than me. That would have sounded *completely* cheesy coming from me."

She looked up and shook her head. "No it wouldn't have. Not to me. See? To me, it would have sounded wonderful." She moved up to place a kiss on his lips. "Although, you are doing great anyway. Don't think I don't know how different it is for you... to be like this. I appreciate the effort, Jack, more than I can say."

"To be what? Having great sex with a gorgeous woman I'm crazy about?" He groaned dramatically. "Oh the torture, the agony...think we can convince the Goa'uld to visit such horrors on me next time?"

Slapping his chest in good-humor, she shook her head as she said, "I meant that you were doing well with sharing your emotions with me... butthole." She smiled before leaning down to kiss his chest again.

"Oh yeah?" He grinned. "Do I get a cookie for it? Smoochies? Dinner? Pat on the head?"

She patted his head and then mussed his hair for good measure. Following it with a kiss, she moved to whisper in his ear... "I'll give you something, alright. A nice, long, thank you." She kissed his ear, before moving down his body, trailing kisses as she went. She had a goal... and there was little doubt that he knew what it was.

He tensed expectantly, watching her with an intent gaze. He could almost feel her on him already and the anticipation for it was almost killing him.

Of course, Emily knew that's what he was expecting, so it was the last thing she was going to give him. Paybacks... and all that. Instead, she moved between his legs, parted them, and began kissing and tonguing him everywhere but where he wanted her to go.

He groaned in frustration but it was good-natured. His girl could give as good as she got and that was precisely what she was happily doing now. Trying to kill him. Yup, this was definitely Em trying to kill him but oh what a way to go...

She looked up at him and lifted a brow as she asked, "Yes Jack, is there.... something?" She chuckled deviously before returning to her work. By the time she decided to try to alleviate his tension, he was very hard and she wondered if even touching him would set him off. Reaching out, she lightly ran her finger along the underside of his penis. It was a loving, caressing stroke too.

"There's something all right." He growled promisingly. "Just you want and you'll get it too. Right and proper as the saying goes."

"You started it," she teased. Apparently, though, she hadn't done her job well enough. He was talking in complete sentences. He drove her to the point where she couldn't. "Well, I still have some right and proper to work on... so..." That said, she returned to her torture. Once again touching and kissing everything but his manhood.

Complete sentences very quickly became a thing of the past for Jack. He couldn't even think much less talk. Emily knew herself, her capabilities and she knew him. Knew what he wanted, what he loved and what he needed. Her and everything she had and offered it, he was caught.

It wasn't until he was back to the moaning and groaning stage that Emily turned her attention to his manhood. She ran her tongue around the head, teasing the slit before taking him in. She braced her hands on his hips to keep him from moving. This was revenge after all.

Oh she learned fast... Laughing hoarsely, it was Jack's turn to dig his hands into the dirt and hold on. Turn about? Fair play. Or so they said. Jack was starting to think it was exactly the opposite. There was nothing fair about this! Not that he was complaining mind you.

She didn't, however, stop her ministrations when his body began to tense. It was as if his motions made her more determined to help him find release. Obviously, she still had a lot to learn in terms of torture.

Jack wasn't sure exactly when his brain lost complete control to his body but he certainly wasn't complaining when he suddenly groaned in warning and plunged over the edge.

Emily took in as much as she could before she moved off of him and held him through the rest of his orgasm. She knew one thing for sure; she may need to work on her torture skills, but what she'd given him was almost as good.

"You," Jack decided when his brain remembered how to work, "are dangerous."

"I'm learning from the best," she said, lifting up so that she could smile down at him. "When you get your strength up, how about a swim?" She kissed him again and hugged him tightly.

"I'd say we need one." He agreed with a chuckle, kissing her in return. "We're just a little grimy."

"Who was it that said sex wasn't good unless it was messy?" She laughed as she stood and winked at him before running toward the lake. Skinny dipping... fun!

"Dunno but clearly that person was absolutely brilliant." Jack called after her, happily watching her run. Skinny dipping wasn't just fun. It was damned fun. Getting up, he ditched what was left of his clothing and ambled after her, taking in the sight of her in the water.

She dove in and come up in a rush, crying out as she did. "It's damn cold," she said, wiping the water from her eyes as she expertly treaded water. It felt damn good though. Jack was right. She was grimy. She continued to tread, watching as he made his way to the water. He made her feel like a teenager. It was heavenly.

"Give it a minute." He assured with a little grin. "It'll warm up." Okay so it'd be more like she'd cool down but close enough. The water was damn cold when he reached the edge and walked out and his body protested but Jack pushed the protests aside. He had better things to consider. Like how good Emily looked at that moment.

"Just jump in and get it over with," she teased. "Believe me, it will be fine." Of course, *it* would shrivel up at first, but that was okay. There were other things they could do to pass the time. For herself, she was rather satiated for now.

"There's gonna be shrinkage." Jack agreed. "But, in no way is this an accurate reflection of things in, er, a natural state." He grinned and let himself fall into the water with a splash, cursing as he surfaced.

Going underwater, Emily swam over to him, resurfacing just in front of him. "You know? I think I know what it's like in it's natural state. I think I know what it's like in the cold, and when it's very hot." She winked and splashed at him before swimming away on her back. She was, after all, part fish.

"You kinda do, yeah." Jack agreed watching her go with a grin on his face. "But, it's a guy thing to remind women in situations where...there is shrinkage."

"Don't worry about it, Jack. I don't love you for the size of your penis." She laughed loudly.

Jack was very glad there was no one around for miles. Explaining *THAT* would take him all year and no one would believe it anyway. He wasn't even sure he believed it. "Okay, that's it...payback time." Diving, he swam toward her. Time to play.

She screamed out, knowing she was in for it now and made a break for it. No way could she outswim him, part fish or not, but it was gonna be fun to try.

Jack caught her ankle underneath the water and promptly dunked her, catching her about the waist and pulling her up with him to announce, "You are in for it young lady." He informed her most solemnly. "Shrinkage is a serious concept."

"I can't be 'in for it' if it's shrunken," she teased. "And I'm saying that it doesn't matter. Being supportive and all that. I love you," she finished sweetly.

"Love you too." He agreed then dunked her again. "And, besides, who says I gotta use 'it'? There are many, many it’s to be potentially involved here." And, he dunked her yet again. This was funnn...

"Jack!" she called out before going under again. The next time he put her under, she stayed and grabbed a hold of said shrinkage. Oh, this was fun. When she surfaced again, she took a big handful of water and splashed it on his face. "Ha!!"

He splashed back and grinned. "Don't start something you can't finish." He warned with a wicked smirk.

"Jack," she put some distance between herself and her lover, "you do remember the family I was in for... oh... twenty years. You remember who I was married to for... oh... twelve years." When she swam away again, she kicked extra, extra hard.

"I do remember." He agreed, calculating a few things and swimming after her with an almost leisurely pace. "And you remember, I've been friends with Jack a *lot* longer right?" He lunged again, catching her and tickling her.

"Jack..." she cried out. Damn man knew exactly where she was ticklish and seemed intent on exploiting it to the fullest. She tried to push at his hands and couldn't quite keep her head above water... the result was that she dunked her head under... twice. Finally, in self-defense, she wrapped her legs around his waist, and grabbed at his hands with hers. "That's not... fair..."

"Fair? Me?" He grinned and stole a kiss. "Since when have I ever been accused of a travesty like that one?"

"Never," she said, giving him a pout. "You are never, ever fair. But I can't play in an all out tickle war. You aren't ticklish."

"Sucks huh?" He agreed with a lazy drawl. "But, s'ok...you're too damn cute to torture too much."

"Well thank God for that!" she said rather vehemently. "'Cause that tickling stuff... we need to even that out somehow." She unlatched her legs from around him and put some distance between them. "It may take me some time, but I know it's in there somewhere. I'll find it!"

"Oh I am a cloak of mystery." Her lover warned with a grin, following. "You'll never figure out my weak points. I had 'em surgically removed."

"You are so full of shit, Jack. I mean right up to your hair. Which would explain the color it *used* to be." She was so going to get. Why she antagonized him, she didn't know. Mostly, she just enjoyed teasing him and being teased by him.

He smirked, splashing her again. "You're just begging for trouble, hmm, Em? Just begging..." He caught her again, placing a sucking kiss on her shoulder. "And there are so many things that fit it..."

"Oh yeah, like what in particular," she sighed happily as she was rather enjoying this. "Besides the dunking and the tickling and the lovely suction on the shoulder. Although I do like that. I like that a lot. Is that a bad thing in the torture business?"

"Well, it depends." He decided. "On what we're after with the torture. Horrible punishment? Then no, we're off by a mile. Just being us? Nah, we're all good."

"Well I sincerely hope it's just us being... us." She held onto him, looking into his face lovingly. "I really like being us, Jack. It feels good to be an 'us'. I'm just one of those people who seem to need it." That was true. Emily was the kind of person who was made to be a wife... she desperately wanted to be a mother, but knew the odds of that was little to none. So she'd take being an 'us' with Jack. Giving him a tender kiss, she ran her fingers through his wet hair and when he seemed quite content with the attention she was giving him, she dunked him. Whatever retaliation she got was well worth the moment of success. It wasn't like she was going to miss a marriage proposal... so she dunked and laughed.

"Heyyy..." Jack protested surfacing again and swirling her around in the water with him. "Behave or you'll get that spanking I've been promising you."

"Empty promises," she provoked, dousing his head with water. "I'm beginning to think you use it as leverage but you're just all talk." She raised her hands above her head and let herself sink down and out of his embrace. "Are you hungry?" she asked, splashing him again. "I'm starving."

"Worked up an appetite, huh?" He splashed her in return. "Which we did." Starting toward the water's edge, he started contemplating cooking. "Time to raid the fridge."

"You're cooking, right?" She kicked extra hard, splashing him again. "Because if I remember correctly, we have a big mess. So I'll clean, you cook. And then we'll see how else we can scare the fish." She reached the shore and walked onto the beach. She had no shame in her nudity. At first, she did, but now there was simply no use in it. She picked up her clothes and wrung the water out of her hair. "We didn't bring towels," she observed.

"Oh I'm cooking." He agreed, using his shirt to wipe the water from his arms. "There's a few towels in the cabin. Top shelf in the bedroom." He shook the water from his short hair. "Think a little BBQ is in order..."

"Mmmm... Sounds fantastic." She swatted him on his bare rear and ran for the cabin. "But how about a lot of BBQ?"

Watching her go, Jack chuckled. "A lot it is!" He ambled into the cabin some moments later, found himself clean clothing then grabbed the steaks out of the cooler and went to fire up the barbecue. His stomach growled as he did so. Yeah, they'd definitely worked up an appetite.

Quickly dressing in sweats, Emily made an attempt to clean. It wasn't really much of an attempt though because her attention kept shifting to Jack. She managed to uncover the bed, take off all the bedclothes and hang them up to help freshen them up. She was rather picky about her bedding. That was as far as she got, however, before she just needed to be with him. Joining him outside, she moved behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her cheek on his back. "Okay, I can't clean in there while you're out here," she admitted.

One hand went to hold hers and he smiled even as he tended to the meat. "We can clean later." He promised. "We're on vacation, we get to set the rules. It's the best part of it."

She set her other hand on top of his and sighed happily. "Vacation," she said softly. "Yeah. Remind me to thank General Hammond for this later." She hugged him a bit more tightly.

"We'll send him flowers. And chocolates. And beer." Jack turned his head to kiss whatever part of her he could reach. "Lots and lots of thank you’s. 12 Days of Christmas lots."

She chuckled. "I wouldn't even know where to get a pear tree. I can easily get an orange one though." She placed a kiss on his back. "Although here, you are my only form of entertainment and you know I need to be entertained a lot." Another squeeze before continuing, "I am looking forward to the O'Neill brand of fishing though. It's so much more relaxing than the Crichton brand... a lot less work."

"The art of fishing is supposed to be relaxing." Jack mock-groused. "I swear, the Crichton boys'd use a grenade if they thought it'd get 'em fish faster."

"Ah! See, Jack, there's the difference. You just said it. 'The ART of fishing.' For Dad and John it was a sport. They would have mini-competitions where they would see who could catch the bigger fish. And they loved fishing for Marlins. Why? I have no idea. But they did. Mom and I would stay at home and hope they didn't catch any. I don't mind cleaning fish, but not anything as big as a Marlin. No way."

"Fishing is not a sport." Jack countered with a grin, checking the steaks before turning to kiss her. "No matter what those two tell you. Fishing is not a sport. Fishing is an art. What those two did is catching. Catching is a sport." He waggled a finger at her. "It is a fine distinction."

"It is, and I like your version so much better. Less 'icky' work for me later." She took the finger and kissed it. "It's rather difficult being the wife of a sportsman. I much prefer being... with an artist."

He arched a brow at her and looked superior. "An artist huh? Me?" A grin touched his lips before he kissed her. "I think I like the way you describe it."

"Oh you do, huh? I should be honored, then. And I am." She hugged him again and placed a kiss on his chest. She didn't want to distract him too much from his cooking. She just couldn't help but enjoy being with him, so she took every advantage she could get.

Turning the steaks again, Jack cuddled her close. "Nah...reverse that. I get to be the honored one for having you around."

Burrowing her head into his chest, she sighed. "It's a mutual honor then, I'd say." She couldn't express to him what his love had done for her. He had saved her from the wallowing and self-pity that had become her life. He'd helped her get a fascinating new job and new friends, as well as reuniting with old ones. And he'd given her him... him and his love. What more was there to have?

"Works for me." Jack agreed quietly, resting his chin on her head as he cooked. It definitely worked for him. As long as he got to have Emily in his life he wasn't complaining. He was happier than he had any right to be and he wasn't about to knock it.

Resting her head on his chest, she let her eyes slide closed and stood there, content to hold and be held by him. They had a great physical relationship, but these moments were just as precious to her. She didn't want the moment to end, would do almost anything to stay here forever. Of course, anywhere she could be with him forever was a good thing. She moved her head long enough to place another kiss on his chest.

Jack added a dash of sauce to the steaks, tasting it, all too happy to enjoy having Emily close. "We're scarily domestic." He decided then grinned. "Which, I should point out, I am loving to no end."

"Didn't take long, did it?" she teased, though her head never moved. They had only been a 'couple' for a few months, though she had moved in right away. It was move in or find an apartment only to move in later. And it wasn't like they didn't know one another and were starting from scratch. "Jack," she said, looking at the steaks and realizing they were actually done and they should probably take them off the grill, "I love being domestic with you. It's something I thought I'd never do again. But I'm loving it... loving you... loving every minute of it."

Before he rescued their dinner, Jack took a moment to kiss her deeply. "Gonna have to say ditto cause...as usual, you say it way better than I ever could." And she did. Emily could put a voice to things he never seemed able and he was quite content to let her continue to do so. That way, he got to listen.

She reluctantly moved from the embrace and held the plate so he could put the steaks on it. They were domestic. Tasks like this were now second nature to them. It was a settled relationship. "I may be able to put voice to it, Jack, but you feel it too. And believe me, I love the way you say it. It's just as perfect when you say it too."

"Your voice sounds better." He insisted with a stubborn set to his jaw and a twinkle in his eye. "You pick better words."

She smiled, heading back inside the cabin with the steaks in hand. "Nah! I use 'Jack' words. I love 'Jack' words. Much like I love the man who uses them." Setting the steaks on the table, she turned to look at him. "We don't have any veggies. I chose hugging over veggies. Oops."
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