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Guilty Pleasures

Our Guilty Pleasure
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This is a community for the Jack/Emily RPG. I say RPG because, though it started out as a fic, medie and I, angelsgracie have been RP-ing this for a VERY long time now, and it's just waaaay too big to be a fic or a... whatever! So what this comm will do is post our RPG in bits and pieces, and in story format, so people can read it if they wish!

Who will you read about...

Oh everyone.

There's Jack O'Neill, Emily (Crichton) O'Neill, Jack Crichton, Sam Carter, Pete, Jonas, Teal'c, Sumner, Ferretti, General Hammond, Nina Bianco, Diana Barrington... basically all of SG-1, some of Atlantis... and OC's as well.

This is a blending of universes... Stargate SG-1, Farscape, and a touch of Stargate Atlantis. But there are some differences...

We're going AU for a few reasons. In our saga...

1) Daniel does not return.

There were several reasons for doing this. While writing Second Chances, my Emily!muse became VERY attached to Daniel. In order for there to be Emily/Jack, we couldn't have Daniel. Oh, he makes appearances though... we could never completely leave him out!

2) Janet does NOT die!

We have BIG plans for her, so we're keeping her around.

3) Colonel Sumner does not go to Atlantis.

Sorry, but he's intregal to the story, so we had to keep him here on the planet Earth.


What do we plan to do with this...

Well, periodically, we'll post the nightly RPG creations. They aren't going to be beta'd, but they will be cleaned up. Since we RP in story form, it will be like reading a story. We've worked hard on continuity, so there shouldn't be any problems there. Though there are stretches of time that will pass between segments. For instance, we estimate that Jack was 'frozen' for about nine months, and we wrote nothing of what happened with Emily during that time. But we'll definitely let you know when there are time jumps like that.

I think that's it. We hope you enjoy!

This comm is maintained by me... angelsgracie and by my buddy... medie