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Introducing Emily Apr. 2nd, 2005 @ 07:05 pm
Before we post any bits of the story, I thought I'd take a moment and introduce Emily to everyone.

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This is Emily.

Some stats...

Name: Dr. Emily Madeline (Crichton) O'Neill, PhD
Nickname: Em, Emmie, Doc
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
DOB: August 8, 1971
Education: PhD's from MIT in Astronautics/Aeronautics, Space Propulsion, and Astrodynamics
Occupation: Eventually Project Director, F-303 Development, Department Head Ground Support & Technical Operations
Parents: Biological: Mother: Dr. Amelia Satterfield, PhD; Father: Ret. Colonel Dwayne Satterfield, PhD. Emily was emancipated at age 15. Legal guardians were her boyfriend's parents whom she now calls Mom and Dad... Jack and Leslie Crichton.
Relationships: First Husband: John Crichton
Husband: Jack O'Neill
Friends: Longtime: Marshall Sumner, Lou Feretti, DK, Charles Kawalsky
Recent: Nina Bianco, John Sheppard, Diana Barrington
Clone: Has a cloned younger version of herself who goes by the name of Maddie.

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Defining Moments: A) Her father pushed her to succeed, often at the sacrifice of her childhood and her self-confidence and esteem.

B) Entered MIT at the age of 16 after formerly emancipated from her parents. Did much of her undergraduate work while still in high school.

C) Married John Crichton at the age of 18. Both continued with their education at MIT. She earned her first PhD by the age of 21.

D) Began working with John and DK on the Farscape project at the age of 25 and was working on her third PhD, which she received by age 26.

E) John was lost and presumed dead while testing the Farscape in 2001. Emily blamed herself.

F) Took a trip to Colorado Springs at the request of her father (Jack Crichton) to house and cat sit for Marshall Sumner...

This is where the story will begin.

The Past:

Age 6: Dwayne begins to teach Emily how to fly. This begins her lifelong obsession with piloting.
Age 8: Dwayne Satterfield meets Jack Crichton. They form a strained relationship
Age 9: Emily meets Jack and Sara O'Neill through Jack Crichton
Ages 9-14: Emily meets Charlie Kawalsky, Marshall Sumner, and Lou Feretti all through her father and his work. During this time, Dwayne Satterfield declares Jack Crichton to be his chief rival and 'enemy'.
Age 14: Starts secretly 'dating' John Crichton. Secret in that all but her 'parents' know.
Age 15: Runs away from home. Marshall finds her and regretfully talks her into going home. Crichton, O'Neill, and Sumner begin investigating possibilities of helping Emily become emancipated. Jack Crichton helps her with the attorney fees. She wins her emancipation and finishes high school/undergraduate course work.
Age 16: Starts MIT
Age 18: Marries John Crichton
Age 21: First PhD. Jack O'Neill takes her up in her first military aircraft as a present.
Age 25: Begins working on the Farscape with John and DK.
Age 31: John is lost and presumed dead while testing the Farscape.
Age 32: Moves to Colorado Springs, CO.

History Summary:

Before Dwayne went 'off the deep end', the Satterfield's, Crichton's, and O'Neill's would spend time together on weekends. Fishing, sailing, boating, and outdoor activities were favorites of everyone.

Everyone knew about Dwayns' treatment of Emily and did the best they could to offset it. Technically, it wasn't considered abuse. He pushed her very hard and never allowed her to believe in myths or fairy tales... not even Santa Claus. He knew she was of genius-level intelligence and tried to force her to be everything he failed to become.

Once she was free of him, she followed her own dream to become an astronaut, but loved designing engines as well. This dual affection led her to pursue multiple PhD's and to strive to find a way to be able to work using all of them.

Despite her father's attempts to control her, she was able to follow her dreams. She went up on three separate shuttle missions, and contributed to the engine design of the Farscape. She earned a reputation amongst her peers for being intelligent and determined and was well-respected by her colleagues. That changed after losing John. She lost confidence in herself, left NASA, and decided to write a book.

The story picks up from there.

Timeline: We had to skew the Farscape timeline somewhat. Instead of taking off in 1999, he takes off in 2001. Emily moves to Colorado Springs during Season Six of SG-1 and John has been gone for a year at that point in time. This is terribly AU as we all know that John didn't have a wife, but we can't help but love bringing John Crichton into the SG-1 universe.
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