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Post #9 - Guilty Pleasures

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"Well, leading the mission and carrying out the duties are two different things." He grinned down at her. "But, if I get to go first...we can worry about the sheets later. They needed to be changed anyway.

Giving him a poke in the chest, she said, "Well, it's your turn to do the laundry, so yeah." She put her hands behind her head again. "I think you can go first." She winked and gave him a little wiggle in demonstration.

Jack grinned and dumped the butterscotch bottle onto the floor. Putting the chocolate sauce beside her, he reached for the whipped cream and sprinkles. "Gonna do something, better do it right." He surveyed one of her breasts speculatively then applied a dollop of cream. "Sweet." The chocolate came next, lightly drizzled over the cream, finishing up with a dash of sprinkles. "Ahh...a masterpiece."

Emily wiggled in earnest this time. "A cold masterpiece," she said swith a chuckle. Intermingling foreplay with food was also a secret kink of hers. But looking at him looking down at her with such open lust... When she shuddered this time, it wasn't from the cold.

“I'd add a cherry," Jack teased, "but there's some symbolism that we can do without." Leaning over, he lightly licked away some of the cream. "Niccceeee..."

"Oh... yeah," she breathed out. Damn man was just too tempting. "Though the symbolism... I did lose my cherry some time ago... as you well know." She winked.

He snickered. "I seem to recall hearing mentions of it. National news event I believe." Leaning down again, he helped himself to more. "I think I've found my new favorite sundae."

"Emily-flavored," she teased. "Or is it the chocolate sauce." Speaking of, there was a bit of sauce that had run between her cleavage. "It's very tickly though."

"Emily flavored...definitely Emily flavored." Jack spotted the stray chocolate sauce even as she noticed it and his tongue gave chase. "Mmmmmmmmm....."

"Oh my," she sighed. It was an effort now to keep her hands behind her head. She was starting to be very affected by the licks and attentions his mouth were having on her. Her nipples were now tight little nubs and she was starting to feel rather tingly in a certain place. Very, very naughty thoughts ran through her mind and the combination of it all caused her to shudder again.

He grinned up at her, licking spare chocolate from his lips. "Yessss?" He asked before leaning over to catch a sprinkle that teetered from one nipple.

"Huh?" she asked, wondering when she'd asked a question of him. "Um... yeah." The hands came from behind head so she could grab on to the disheveled bedsheets. "Um... nothing. Just... keep going, silly."

Jack winked then returned to his teasing. With that done, he sat back and gave the other breast the same treatment before leaning in to repeat the process. "Yummyyy..."

She was really moving now. Her hips literally grinding into the bed of their own accord. "Mmmm, yeah," she said, her voice going husky with desire.

Jack picked up the can of whipped cream, drawing a line down her midsection. "Wonder if I can write my name in this stuff?" He wondered, licking along the line.

"Save... some... for me," she said the last words quickly, even as she arched her hips up... begging for more without giving words to it. He had foreplay down to an art form. She had no doubts about it; he was going grocery shopping with her more often.

"But I'm having funnn..." Jack mock whined, applying a dollop of cream to her clit.

Emily's eyes slammed shut and her head buried into the bed as his tongue touched that most sensitive area. Normally, she had much more control over herself. Right now, however, it just felt too good to even worry about control.

Jack took his time, sucking and nipping at it, chasing remnants of whipped cream, which no longer remained. But that was fine, he was in the mood for Emily as much as he was Emily with whipped cream. Yummyyy...

She pulled at the sheets. Her head going deeper and deeper into the bed as her hips lifted up into his questing, exploring mouth. She knew she was mumbling something, but had no idea what it was she was saying. But God, he was so good at this.

Leisurely, Jack let his tongue wander, teasing and wiggling and pushing her closer. He seemed to be ignoring her reaction but the fact of it was, he hadn't missed any. Each and every noise, whispered word and gasp was recorded and those places were given special attention. Lots and lots of it.

She wasn't sure how long the sweet torture went on. Hours... days... more than likely only minutes. As his tongue danced in and out of her, she arched her back and squeezed her eyes shut. Everything curled inside of her at once and then ripped through her, exploding in a primal scream. Or maybe she didn't scream, she wasn't sure. Her entire body, though, shook with the force of her climax.

Sitting back, Jack watched her orgasm with his hands on her thighs, stroking back and forth. "You're beautiful." He told her solemnly, pleasure in his eyes. She really was. Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

Emily's breath was coming out in deep gasps. She managed to open her eyes. "You are amazing," she said. "Just amazing, Jack." She reached for him with trembling hands and brought him in for a deep kiss.

Jack took his time returning the kiss then pulled back and grinned at her. "I think we can call the sundae sex a wild success. Don't you?"

"Oh yeah," she said, kissing him again. She was using the time to regain her strength because there was some reciprocating to do here. Her butterscotch syrup was on the floor, and suddenly, Emily was very hungry. Hungry and satiated. She was gonna have some fun.

Rolling them over, she sat up and reached down for her butterscotch syrup. She popped the top and looked down at him almost evilly. "You do know that I love you very much, right?"

He settled back, surveying her speculatively. "That's a good thing...right?" Somehow, at that moment, he wasn't really that sure. Emily looked kinda...Goa'uld like.

"It's a very good thing, Jack." She set aside the bottle long enough to lean in and kiss him again. Very slowly, she said, "I love you. It's not something I give or say easily. So yeah, Jack, that's a very good thing." She kissed him again, and pulled away, smiling.

He returned the smile, albeit with a bit of a goofy edge, he could listen to her say that the whole damn day. Forget sex. That was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

She watched his expression for a long moment and gave him a soft smile before reaching for the butterscotch syrup, which she looked at with great contemplation. She set it down and reached for the whipped topping. Normally, she would do syrup first. Not tonight, however. She shook the can before squirting a generous amount on his chest. She followed that with the butterscotch and then chocolate syrup. Forgoing the sprinkles, she sat back and surveyed her handiwork. "Looks good," she said softly. "Very yummy."

"Always glad to hear that." Jack agreed, reaching out touch her cheek. "You're beautiful, y'know that? You're beautiful and I love you."

She gave him another smile and leaned in to kiss him. Of course, when she did that, some of the syrup and cream got on her chest. When she sat up again, she reached down with her finger and wiped it off then put the finger to his lips. As she did so, she leaned down and licked some of the treat off his chest. "And you're delicious."

He groaned softly, sliding a hand into her hair and working his fingers through it. Being on the return end of this...he wasn't complaining much. She was amazing to watch. Gorgeous. Damn gorgeous. Not to mention...hotter'n hell. Absolutely hotter'n hell.

To herself, Emily had to admit that she was, actually, very hungry, so food sex right now... damn good thing. As she worked through the mound she made and her tongue began licking his flesh, she angled her head, opened her mouth, and took as much of his peck in as possible. She sucked hard on the nipple, knowing that always hurt so good.

Jack let out a surprised grunt. "Damn Em..." He lifted a brow at her, his eyes darkening with desire. "Keep that up this is gonna get interesting in a hurry."

She sat up and licked her lips slowly. "Oh I have a feeling that it's gonna... yep." She grabbed the butterscotch syrup and squirted some on his abdomen, outlining his belly button and dropping some on his pelvic bone, just north of the one area that she could tell was demanding attention. She'd get to that, all right. In the meantime, she set her mouth to consuming what she'd already put on him.

A deep moan of pleasure slipped out of Jack at the attentions and he closed his eyes, letting one hand loosely rest on the back of Emily's head, stroking over her hair. He was sure he was talking about something, moaning her name, whispering endearments, whatever...he was saying something but what he didn't care. The only thing he cared about was Emily.

Emily had been wrong in her original assessment that her satiated state would allow her to tease him mercilessly. The sight of seeing Jack O'Neill give himself over to her completely was doing all kinds of naughty things too her. She had intented to partake of the same sundae that he had, but hearing him cry out her name was a clincher for her. Moving back up, she kissed him intently before whispering in his ear, "I want you, Jack. Right now." She took his ear in her teeth and nipped at it before pulling away. She positioned herself over him, hovering before slowly joining them.

He gasped, his hands gripping Emily's hips and pulling her down on him completely. "Who," Jack stopped to moan, "am I to deny a lady?" He asked rhetorically, beginning to move them both.

"Don't know about a lady," she teased, "but you can't deny me." She moved with him, tossing her head back and just feeling them together. "So good," she said, and that was the truth. Dear Lord but sex with Jack was so damn good.

"Good." He agreed. "Damn good. Damn, damn, damn good." Watching her was hard, it was difficult to keep rebellious eyes open, but he was going to do it if it killed him. If it did, it'd be a hell of a way to go. He knew that much.

She continued to move on him. She took her hands and rested them on top of his, which were holding on to her hips. She moved, now, with determination. He'd waited long enough for release.

Jack plunged up into her, seeking the release she'd been offering him, savoring the feel of her body above his until his release found him. With a soft groan of pleasure he lost himself in the warmth of her, groaning her name as he did so.

She continued to move throughout his climax and when her second washed over her, she cried softly as she came to rest on his chest. "Oh God, Jack."

"Well, dunno about being God but..." He swallowed heavily, exhaling hard. "Yeah...definitely yeah..." He didn't want to move. Wanted to stay in bed like this forever and forget the Mountain, work, and everything..he just wanted to stay here, curled up with Emily and take a much needed vacation.

She wrapped her arms around him, holding him as tightly as she could. Sometimes she became a bit overwhelmed with emotion. There were just times when she felt so blessed to have found the 'it' again. The physical need would change over time. The bottom line in this was that she was happy. She was happy and Jack made her that way. "Yeah. Think we could just stay here. In our own little cocoon... oh... forever?"

"Works for me." Jack mumbled out. "I'll up a resignation letter just as soon as I can, y'know, get out of bed. Which'll be never."

"Call." She joked. "We don't have to get out of bed to get the phone. General Hammond will understand. His 2 CO resigning to stay in bed forever with his girlfriend." She chuckled.

Jack snickered. "Well...he knows you...so not really much with the surprised our George. He'd just nod, roll his eyes, and have Teal'c drag me back and fling me into a uniform."

"Oh it would be on then," she said with a laugh. "I'll bet the Jaffa would have his hands full. Though you know how funny it would be me standing there naked fighting the former First Prime of Apophis?"

The snicker from Jack told her just how funny he thought it would be. "Oh yeah, he'd have his hand full for sure. But I'm not sure he'd be complaining all that much about it."

She lifted up and looked at him. "You wouldn't share. Then it would be a naked Colonel fighting the former First Prime of Apophis." She laughed at her own silliness. "You do this to me, you know? Normally, I'm a very serious person. That neon sign doesn't say 'nerd' anymore. It says 'goofball'."

"Oh but it does too say nerd. It says "GoofBall Nerd" in big flashing lights." He smirked. "So, thus, Teal'c see the signs and just be entranced by all the pretty flashies and we'd make good our escape out the back."

"And this is why you are the master strategist. I so love how you plan." She kissed his cheek before resting her head again on his chest. "Though I really do like that thought of 'forever'. Rather comforting, that."

"Forever's pretty damn good for the soul." Jack agreed with a nod, settling down. "Better than a hell of a lot of other things."

"Yeah, cause I'm so not going anywhere. I'm not Jack. Undomesticated equines and all that." She chuckled.

Jack laughed. "Okay, no sharing jokes with Teal'c anymore. He's becoming a bad influence on you. Pies only, understood?"

She swatted at his bare side. "Speaking of pies," she teased, "you owe me food. Real food." She lifted up again and looked at him. "I do love you, Jack, very much, but a girl's gotta eat. Refuel me and we can do more of this before you have to wash the bedclothes."

"Ahhh yes, I believe we decided McDonalds...Would you settle for pizza or Chinese?" Jack pulled a finger through a stray remnant of cream on her belly. "Or am I gonna have to put clothes on and go out?"

"I could be mean and make you go out. But I really don't want the bed to get cold without you in it. So how about Chinese? We can order a ton of it and eat ourselves sillier." She smiled up at him. "We already have beer and I think I could drink one tonight."

"Chinese works for me." He agreed, rolling toward the phone. "We'll get a bigger than usual order. Just in case we work up a nice big appetite later...cause, yeah, so gonna."

"Lots of pork fried rice... oh and egg rolls... double order. And pot stickers... and..." she laughed, "one of each maybe."

"So, double everything?" He winked. "Maybe we should triple it just in case?"

She moved up and nibbled on his ear, pressing her body next to his as he dialed the phone. "Yeah. Emily is really, really, really hungry." She pressed her lips onto his skin and growled suggestively. "So feed me, Seymour."

He paused in dialing, lowering his head briefly and groaning. "Em... you're a menace." Jack took a moment then turned to look at her, grinning. "Which is definitely not a bad thing."

She smiled widely at him. "I didn't think you were complaining." She rested calmly against him while he dialed and then waited patiently for him to say hello and then start to order. When he did, she smiled and stretched out to kiss his neck while her hand traveled south. It was naughty to do this while he was talking on the phone, but he had said she was a menace and she wanted to prove him correct.

Jack was in the middle of talking about the egg rolls when Emily's hand gripped him and he very nearly choked in surprise. Menace! That didn't begin to describe. His eyes crossed as her hand moved back and forth and he completely lost his train of thought. He hadn't realized how long he'd paused until the man on the other end of the phone prompted him to continue. "Uh...yeah...just, uh..." He covered the mouthpiece as he groaned then tossed a faintly stern glare at his lover. "Double the usual..." This said, he mouthed 'so dead!' at her but, well, given the effect she was having on him he didn't think it had much of an impact.

"Mmmm Hmmm," she hummed in response as her mouth trailed down to his nipple. Her hand moved off his penis to lightly fondle and stroke his balls. She really had him in a spot right now. On the phone, he was actually hopeless to really react, but then that made it all the more intense. She stroked the very sensitive skin behind his balls before moving back up to lightly trace his entire manhood. He probably was going to kill her, though he'd be too happy to really care.

Jack swallowed hard and fought to keep talking in an ordinary voice. The man taking the order wanted specifics and he tried hard to remember exactly what they'd been discussing to order. Unfortunately, his memory, like the rest of his brain, was on absolute overload and he could hardly remember his own *name* and Emily was so very, very dead. Right after he finished drilling her into the mattress cause...he hadn't thought it possible but...so very hard. He felt like he was about to explode.

She had no room for doubt about the effect this was having on him. She should have felt badly, given the amount of trouble that he was having in placing their order. She couldn't help it though. He had actually started this by turning grocery shopping into foreplay. So she justified her actions by blaming them on him. She wrapped her hand around him, but ran her finger along the head of his penis. Oh yeah, she was in for it. The look on his face said it all. Moving back up to his ear, she said, "You better hurry."

He mock glared at her then, in a rush, finished the order and hung up. Turning, he practically pounced on her. "If our order shows up and it's completely screwed up it is officially your fault got it?" He teased, rubbing his lower body against hers.

She laughed and simultaneously wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. "Yeah, I got it. Have a feeling I'm really gonna get it too. 'Bout damn time."

He nipped at her ear lobe, worrying it between his teeth. "Oh you are soooo gonna get it. Gonna get it right down through the damn mattress."

"Oh thank God," she sighed, her hips moving up into his. She was more than ready for him too. Getting him worked up... the thought of the man on the other end knowing exactly what was happening... it drove her desire to a fevered pitch in a hurry.

Jack didn't hesitate, thrusting into her in one smooth movement, he grunted with the movement. "So, damn, good." He muttered into the skin of her neck, taking a moment to enjoy it.

Emily gasped, coming to the full realization that whoever said a man's sex drive diminished as he got to middle age was a damn liar. She was glad of it too. Her hips moved though of their own accord, as her fingers dug into his back. There could be some marking going on... oh yes there could be.

When he was ready, Jack began moving again. Hard and fast, exactly like he'd said it would be. Emily'd gotten him good and worked up, the little menace, and she was reaping the benefits in full. Oh yeah, much with the benefits. Nice, screaming, sweaty benefits.

She lost all means of coherent thought. All she could do was feel. He was moving in her, pressing her into the bed. The headboard was literally banging into the wall with the force of his movement. Her fingers dug into his back, and when her climax overwhelmed her, her head slammed back into the pillows and she cried out with the force of it.

Jack thrust through the climax with her then, just as she was starting to relax, he found his own and, crying out what he hoped was her name, he let go into one hell of an orgasm.

At the same moment that she heard him cry out her name, her head made contact with the headboard with a nice little cracking sound. It didn't hurt, not really. Nothing much could compare to the sheer ecstasy she was feeling at the moment.

When Jack finally did come back to his senses, he rolled off Emily and onto his back. "I should be very irritated with you, y'know. I really should."

She immediately rolled over and snuggled into him. "Seems to me that you liked it," she said, reaching up to rub her head. "Besides, you damn near give me a concussion."

"Ahhh you damn near gave *yourself* the concussion." Jack protested, his fingers migrating to check her head himself. "Nah...won't even have a bump. Nothing serious to it at all." He winked. "And, yeah...not complaining about *that* sex. Hence why I'm not very irritated."

"It's gonna bruise," she said, pouting. "I think we may also have to do some work on that wall." She was still feeling the effects of their joining. He had promised to drive her into the mattress. Walking for a while was going to be interesting. He had done a very thorough job of screwing her senseless. "And I couldn't help it. You just looked too damn tempting. How could I resist?" she asked, still rubbing her head.

Jack smirked. "Well, counting to ten and closing your eyes might've helped but, I am pretty damn irresistible so I can't really blame you much."

She did laugh at that, leaving off the rubbing of her head so that she could swat him on his thigh. "Yet I seem to be able to resist temptation at work. Oh, the temptation is there... with you always sleeping on my couch and all. It's amazing, isn't it?"

"It's the military mindset." He explained with a wink. "We've got you programmed now. Work, work, work all day...home...all that tension comes exploding out like you wouldn't believe."

"Exploding," she said softly. "Yeah, there are some definite explosions going on." She rested her head on his chest and smiled devilishly. "By the way, how's your back?"

"My back..." He grinned. "Gonna be feeling it for a while."

"I'd say I'm sorry," she smiled and snuggled in again, "but my head it gonna hurt for a bit. At least neither of us drew blood. I swear, you are so going grocery shopping with me from now on. Every time I go, you're going."

Laughing, he adjusted his position on the bed. "We do that, next time we probably will draw blood. You're a dangerous lady when you want to be Emily Crichton."

"Honestly, Jack," she didn't really have the strength to sit up and look at him, "you bring it out in me." She smiled. "I swear I didn't know that... well... you know... 'control', or whatever you want to call it, could be so much fun."

He grinned, turning on his side to watch her. "Well, as you've just learned so effectively...it definitely can be. So...can we expect more of Sex Crazed Emily or was this only a brief visit for her?" He waggled his brows teasingly.

"Do you want to see more of her?" she asked, sincerely. This really was a new role with her. John had been far more comfortable in the dominant role and she'd never really thought to exert herself that way very often. Jack, though, didn't seem to mind at all. So she played it. "Cause, if you do, I'm sure she could come around more often."

"Damn straight I do." He leaned over, kissing her. "You're amazing any way but...that? Seriously high on the wow factor. I mean it Em...that was...damn..."

She rested her hand on his cheek and smiled. "I am going to have to blame you for this," she said softly. "It's just so new, but I find I rather enjoy it."

He chuckled. "You're not the only one who's enjoying it. Definitely enjoying it. Loving it. Much with the loving of it." Reluctantly, he got up. "But, can't stay here all day. Food's coming and one of us has to get up to, y'know, answer the door."

"Well, since you're up then," she grabbed the covers and pulled them over her, snuggling into his pillow and inhaling deeply, "I'll just lie here and appreciate the view."

Jack obediently did a quick turn. "Both sides of course?" He asked archly before hunting around for his jeans. As an after thought, he snagged some underwear out of the wardrobe and pulled those on first. "Comfort is everything, y'know?"

"Such a shame," she tsked, sinking her head more into his pillow. "I wouldn't put on too much more though. You're just gonna have to take it off again anyway."

"Ahhh but I can make you do all the work." He announced, combing his fingers through his hair which, really, didn't do any good but it was the thought that counts.

"True." She nodded, knowing that there would be little doubt of the fact that he wasn't going to be wearing those jeans for long. "Don't worry 'bout the hair, love. I have a feeling the entire restaurant knows what happened. You weren't very convincing that everything was normal," she couldn't help but tease.

Jack mock-scowled at her. "I'll have you know I'm a damn good liar. Covert ops trained. Very, very trained." He pointed at himself. "I can fool anybody." Okay, so that was total BS but hey, if he pulled it off, proof right?

Emily tried... she tried very, very hard not to laugh. Of course, the act of trying only made it worse when the laugh actually came out as a near spit. "Oh my God, you are so full of it!" When she got herself under some semblance of control, she said, "So your covert ops training taught you how to keep a calm voice and even breathing when your girlfriend is giving you hand sex?" She winked. "Don't worry, hon, I'm sure the delivery boy won't know."

"Oh yeah...they totally did." He winked. "Brought Sara in and everything." Surveying himself in the mirror, Jack snorted. "Like hell he won't." But, he also didn't much care what the kid thought. What he and Emily did was his and Emily's business. Who the hell cared who saw?

Emily smiled. "For God and country," she said with a wink. She looked him up and down, and couldn't help but think that if he stood there too long, they could be in trouble. Geez, even the site of him could get her worked up, and by all rights, she should be exhausted. "Yeah, he's gonna know. You look..." She smiled. "You look downright..." She wasn't sure what to say 'satisfied', 'gorgeous', 'worn out'. Finally, she decided on... "Happy. You look happy."

He grinned broadly, leaning over to kiss her. "That would be because I am." With another kiss, he turned to hunt around for his wallet. Producing that, he turned for the door. "Want me to grab anything from the kitchen while I wait for the guy?"

"Tea please," she replied. There was just something in that small admittance from him that touched her. She was happy... happier than she'd been in so very long... but that only made her even more happy. "Chinese makes me thirsty... so iced tea." Since she'd moved in, having iced tea in the fridge was a part of life.

"K, big honkin' glass of iced tea comin' up." Jack's head bobbed in a casual nod as he left the room and started down the hallway. The Chinese delivery guy was pretty fast so, he wasn't expecting a long wait.

Emily curled up in the bed, both her arms wrapped now around Jack's pillow. Momentarily, she thought to get up and brush her hair or make herself presentable in some way. If Jack looked happy, she knew she looked thoroughly loved. She had no desire to change that about her appearance right now. She rested her head on his pillow and inhaled deeply. She had it so bad, and she didn't even care.

Jack, in the kitchen, was having similar thoughts as he poured up a glass of iced tea for Emily and grabbed a soda for himself. He kinda liked this. Definitely liked having Emily in it. Okay, so more like he loved having Emily in it. Loved Emily. Which, he was sure, was written all over his face in big neon letters which flashed and occasionally broke into song. They were extra special neon letters you see.

He was still thinking said thoughts when he answered the door, cheerfully paid the kid, took the food, grabbed the drinks and went back to the bedroom. In fact, the first thing he said was, "Ever wonder what neon letters doing the can can would look like?"

Emily furrowed her brows before sitting up in the bed. "Um... Like some kind of weird blend of Paris at night and Vegas?" She put her pillow next to the headboard and then his as well, letting the blanket pool around her waist. "Why'd ya ask? Do you have neon letters now?"

"Oh yup." He nodded and pointed at his forehead. "Right there. See ‘em? Spelling out Head Over Heels In Love? Those guys? They're the letters with the little tap shoes and top hats."

Emily had reached for the food so that he could get undressed and join her back in the bed when he said that. It caused her to pause for a moment and then a big smile spread across her face. "I think they have little canes too," she offered. She set the food down and then reached for him, bringing him in for a kiss. "Though, I hope they stick around for a long, long time. I love seeing them perform."

"Oh they will." He smirked. "They're sluts for attention. Smile out of you and they get the band warming up for another number." He sat on the bed and reached for where he'd put the drinks, handing her iced tea to her. "They're horrible that way. My face's got little shoe prints all over it."

Taking a sip of her tea, she looked sideways at him and gave him a smile. "Then I shall smile all the time. They're smiles you've put on my face anyway. Smiles that I didn't have before... swore I'd never have again. I have my own neon sign too." She waggled her brows and took another drink of her tea.

"Geek in love." He opened the large paper bag and began removing boxes. "Love that sign. Would pay to have it enlarged. Maybe a road side sign too."

"And just where would I carry that one?" she asked, moving to set her tea down so she could grab a box and open it. She took a deep whiff of the General Tso's chicken and smiled in appreciation as her stomach rumbled. "I suppose," she said grabbing a fork, "that I could put it on a chain and wear it around my neck."

"You could. We can get a nice fancy chain for it. Silver maybe. Gold would probably clash." He winked and handed her another box. "But, if it's too much we can do it another way. Maybe a nice ticker tape or the Asgard might have some floaty thing we can rig up."

"Oh I like that. 'Cause, you know, I think Thor likes me. We already know how he thinks about you, but I think he likes me a little too." She opened the box and beamed at the fried rice. Trying some of that too, she said, "Of course, I still haven't been able to fly his ship. We're gonna have to work on that. May have to see if my boyfriend can help me." She had to chuckle. Somehow, referring to Jack O'Neill as a boyfriend seemed so teenager-like, but what else could she call him?

Jack swallowed a noodle then grinned. "We'll see. He hasn't even let me fly the damn thing yet. Let Carter blow one up but drive it...well that's another story entirely."

Leaning over, she took a fork full of the noodles and put them in her mouth. Her next move was for the eggrolls. She chewed as she looked and when she found them, she sat back, pleased with herself. When she sat back, she gave him a look that spoke of complete contentment and happiness. "It's not hugely important," she said in all honesty. "I have everything I really want right here in this room with me, and I don't mean the Chinese food."

Jack couldn't resist teasing, "It's the iced tea, isn't it?" He loved teasing Emily, making her laugh. He adored the way their life had settled into a routine. It was fantastic. Funny how that worked. Routine was something he actively welcomed. It wasn't boring by any stretch of the imagination but it was...comfortable and with Emily...comfortable was the best thing ever. He liked comfortable. Loved comfortable with Emily.

"Oh yeah, it's the tea," she said with a laugh, reaching out to give him a shove in the arm. Jack was a picker... he picked on and teased everyone. With her, though, there was a different level to it. It didn't annoy her or frustrate her. She never rolled her eyes or lost patience. Others did that, but not her. She enjoyed and loved his sense of humor. It kept life on the lighter side. Between the two of them, they'd lived long enough on the dark side of life... a little light now was a damn good thing. "Though, it also has something to do with *who* brought it to me. A little bit of something though not much." She winked jokingly.

"Ahh...well, as long as I can contribute in some way." He agreed with a wink. "I live to serve, m'lady." Jack gave her an egg roll before biting into his own. "God, that's good." He exulted, settling back against the pillow. Oh yeah, loved this time to no end. Loved it loved it loved it.

She settled in next to him, eggroll in hand and three different boxes of food in her lap. "Food, drink, and mostly company... yeah, everything is good." They were still in that 'new' part of the relationship where the need for physical expression could overrun everything, but they'd known one another for so long that moments like these were comfortable too. "I'm thinking, though, that the company is the best. The rest is icing on the cake."

"There's cake?" Jack perked up with feigned surprise. "You didn't say anything about cake."

She leaned forward and dug into the bag. "Oh, sorry." She sighed. "I thought maybe there'd be rice cakes... but nope. I could bake on later if you want." She grabbed the box of chicken again and happily dug in. "Food first though. Then, you know, more of that sex stuff... then maybe I'll bake you a cake if you want."

"Rice cakes?" He looked askance. "You jest surely. Rice...cakes? Nah uh. Cake should only come in things like chocolate, vanilla....devil's food."

"Butter pecan," she added absentmindedly, "with butter cream icing. Oh yeah, those are the best." She looked over at him and rested her head on his shoulder before taking another bite of the chicken. This was really what life was all about. More than a job or a book, it was about being happy. Jack made her happy, and she made him happy. What more could be asked for?

Jack held out a chicken ball. "We should like, hire these guys as our personal chefs. We eat enough of it as is. Think of it, we could come home, go to bed, have the food brought in every night."

She chewed thoughtfully before picking up a crab rangoon and studying it. "I think we actually have hired them. You said 'double the usual' and they knew exactly what that was. We were in bed too. It's just that you had to get out of bed to get it. And don't forget the pizza guy. They know our favorite pizza and just how to make it."

"True. We've got our own staff." Jack looked smug at the realization. "Sweet." He held up his drink in salute. "To the life of luxury!"

She did laugh at that. It wasn't a soft laugh, either, or a mere chuckle. Holding up her crab rangoon, she toasted with him. "To our life of luxury." She tasted the treat and asked, "Think General George would let us stay in bed forever and never go back to work? We might be able to get a doctor's note."

"We might." Jack agreed. "Fraiser'll never do it but I know a couple docs that're appropriately terrified of me. They would." He stretched a little, catching the rice before it could slip. "We'll blow the Goa'uld to bits then get a sick note and live out our lives eating Chinese and having mind blowing sex every other hour."

"Sometimes more than once an hour, if we're quick about it," she teased. Her immediate hunger satiated, she moved closer to him, took his box of rice and filled a fork full before feeding it to him. "I mean, I'm sure after a year or two we'll slow down to once every few hours." With that, she winked again.

"Nah, after a decade maybe." Jack waved a hand expansively, finishing off his chicken. "Me, I've got a few things left to experiment with where you're concerned."

"Oh yeah," she took a fork full of rice for herself. A few fell off onto Jack's chest and she picked them off, consuming them. "And just what would those things be?"

"Oh, lots and lots of porny goodness." He winked. "Experimentation is our friend."

"I'm all up for that," she said, wiping at his chest and returning to her mission of eating everything he'd ordered. One box of rice down, she picked up her chicken again. "Of course, most everything we've done where... you know... I'm... well you know! Almost all of that is new to me." She was looking down at her chicken as she said it, her face had to be a bright, bright red.

He reached out, placing a fingertip beneath her chin and gently guiding her face up to lean in and kiss her. "Not exactly old familiar territory for me either, Em. Been a long time since I thought like this...Might explain why we're so...Vigorous?" He grinned at the last of it.

"Might be," she gave him a soft smile as she said. Reaching up, she took his finger with her hand and kissed it. She wondered, though, if he knew how long she'd had a 'crush' on him. It was funny because for all of John's teasing, there'd been some truth behind it. "That and years of pent up... emotions... on my part," she admitted.

"Pent up emotions?" Jack's brow lifted and he smiled just a little. "Wanna elaborate or maintain that feminine mystique women seem to fond of?"

She shrugged. That was definitely the answer she was expecting. He hadn't any idea. Giving him a demure smile, she elaborated just a little. "Ever wonder sometimes that teasing may have a basis in truth?"

"All the time." He leaned in and kissed her again. "Besides, I love it when you're secretive. Drives me crazy but..." He tilted his head, smiling wider. "You can tell me whatever you want...which means you can choose not to tell me whatever you want. Unless, of course, we're on another planet and what you know could mean the difference in getting home or not. Then you'd better fess up pronto. The rest of the time...your choice"

He was so endearingly cute in his version of an in-depth explanation that Emily couldn't help but be forthcoming. "I'm meaning the fact that for years my husband teased me about having a crush on a certain someone. We all laughed it off but I know there was some truth behind it."

Jack's eyes widened in surprise, pleased surprise, but surprise nonetheless. He held up a hand before saying, "Okay...just so I'm clear, the certain someone would be me I hope? Cause, if it was Sara then I'm gonna be horribly embarrassed for assuming it was me."

Emily smiled, almost embarrassed by it all. "Well, I do love Sara, but not like that no. I mean, she's my friend. Well you were... are... my friend too but she's a woman and I'm not into that so yeah I love her but only as a friend and I have hadthiscrushonyou for a while but never thought anything about it because of John then John died and I was alone and still never thought because you know you're Jack and well..." After stringing that all together into one sentence, Emily took a deep breath and said quietly, "Yeah, it was you."

He grinned a little. "Well, I don't always know I'm me...believe me, there've been moments..." he waved off the train of thought to kiss her. "Really? You really did?" His eyes warmed. "Sweet."

She sighed and picked at her egg roll. "Yeah I really did. From the time I was about 12. It's why John was always harassing me. He knew. Crush on you... loved him... love you."

Jack stole a bite of it then winked. "So I got to share you all this time and didn't even know it?" His grin broadened. "You, Emily Crichton, are one damn adorable woman and I love you."

"Well, there's no sharing me now," she said, reaching out to rest a hand on his cheek. Not that her crush on Jack ever got in the way of her marriage to John. She had loved John with everything he was and his loss nearly killed her. This rebirth had come because of Jack, though he never knew, until now, how far back her feelings for him went. She gave him a quick kiss and returned to her egg roll. "Yeah, no sharing."

"Some." He corrected with a smile. "He's still in there but...can hardly expect him to go anywhere else. Your heart's a damn nice place to hang out."

She couldn't help but smile at that. Of course he'd be understanding. If anyone knew loss, it was Jack. Snuggling into him, she let her head rest on his shoulder and nodded. "You have sort of taken over a lot of the empty spaces, you know? There were a lot of them. Empty, gaping holes that seemed to just get bigger and bigger. They didn't stand a chance against Colonel Jack though." He was right, however, that John would always have a place in her heart. She would love him forever, but also knew that she had to go on and live again. She chose to do that with Jack.

"Always did love renovating." He teased with a wink. He loved this woman so much it scared him. He'd wondered if maybe, just maybe, had been there for a while, hiding in the back of his mind and waiting for an opportunity just like the one he'd been presented. It was...amazing. Being here like this. With her? If those feelings had been there before, he wasn't complaining. They were incredible."

She laughed. "And just what are you renovating for?" Having finally eaten enough to curb her hunger, she wrapped her arms around his abdomen and back and held him closely to her. It was sort of a claim on her part. He was hers... for as long as he wanted and as far as he wanted it to go. He made her happy, and she hadn't been happy in years.

"Oh...want to get settled in there and stuff. Planning on being there a while so, guy's gotta be comfortable right?" He put what he'd been eating aside, all too happy just to relax. "Speaking of comfortable..."

"Yeah?" she asked, still a bit hung up on the fact that he'd said he was going to be here a while. She really liked that. "I'm very, very comfortable. Comfortable, happy, content. If it's a good feeling, I'm having it." She could just lie here in bed with him... watch TV, talk, do whatever he wanted to do. She just wanted to hold him and be held by him.

"Pretty much what I was gonna say." Jack decided. "But you said it better." He chuckled. "I hereby vote you do all the sensitive talking so I don't screw it up."

"Oh no you don't, Mister," she said, poking him in the chest. "You know how I love to hear it. You also know I'm rather freaky about that, so sorry, Bub, but you are not getting out of it." She sighed in contentment. "Though you have done a smashing job of it tonight so if you'd like to take the rest of the evening off, you may. Just... tell me you love me before we go to sleep and I'll be fine. In the meantime, if you wanna watch TV or just snuggle, we can."

"Can we watch porn?" Jack teased, doing his best to keep his expression perfectly schooled.

She lifted her head just enough to look into his face. For all intents and purposes, he looked perfectly serious, but there was a twinkle in his eyes as well. Resting her head back on his chest, she shrugged. "If you feel the need to watch it, go ahead. But goodness what we just did put all of that to shame. I'll just lie here and snuggle. You can watch porn or The Simpson's. I'm not picky." Although in her mind she was really, REALLY hoping he'd choose the Simpson’s.

Evil, evil woman. She knew precisely what buttons to push. The Simpson’s...Homer. Bart. That kid that reminded him of a cross between Sam and Daniel - an entirely horrifying idea - and Moe's...

The woman was evil. Goa'uld evil. Emily'd make a good System Lord he figured. She knew right how to twist a guy.

After a brief debate Jack decided. "There is a marathon on..."

"There you go," she stated, snuggling back in as he turned the TV on. Personally, she hated The Simpson’s. She was always more content watching Star Trek or some other sci-fi television show. But Jack loved The Simpson’s... he practically worshipped Homer. So therefore she offered to let him watch it... even if she was now having to watch hours upon hours of the show. Still, she didn't care. She was spending time with Jack and that's what mattered most. As the sound of the show filled the room, she smiled. "Oh, this is one of your favorites, isn't it?"

"Yup." Jack pressed a kiss into her hair and settled down. "You're evil for suggesting it but I love you anyway."

"Nah! This is the one thing you love to watch more than porn... well... The Simpson’s, hockey, and then porn." Snuggling into the new position, she closed her eyes. "And I love you too... very much." Though she almost reminded him that this did not count as the one time he had to say 'I love you' tonight, but she didn't.

"Ahh but there's something I love watching more than all of that." He pointed out loftily. "Can't believe you forgot it."

Quickly, she opened her eyes and lifted her head so that she could look at him. "I did not! On television? I've never known you to turn on anything but those three things." She chuckled. "Well, you do turn me on, but that's got nothing to do with the television. So what did I forget?"

"EmilyVision." He pronounced with a grin. "I'll watch that any chance I can get. Wayyy better than TV."

"Oh THAAAT," she said slowly, giving him a tight squeeze. "Well, yeah, but that's not ever going to be on television." She snuggled in a bit more closely. "Of course, you can watch it any chance you want."

"Which, of course, I do." He didn't elaborate. Certainly didn't say he liked watching her sleep. There were just some things guys kept to themselves. Like that. Besides, she'd be self conscious about it then and the last thing he wanted was to make her uncomfortable.

"You do," she repeated though she really didn't understand what he meant by that, except that she never seemed to be able to deny him when he wanted something. She let her eyes drift closed as Bart Simpson's voice rang through the room. "I will never, ever understand why Homer just doesn't beat that boy's rear end," she joked.

"Cause choking him's loads more fun. Plus, satisfying." Jack grinned. "Besides, Bart probably pads his underwear just in case."

"Ah, well I guess that makes sense." Of course, she didn't throw out that 'if I ever have a kid' because as much as she had always wanted, she somehow ended up with men who weren't ready or had been down that road before. She wasn't ever going to stir up any kind of hurtful emotions for Jack where kids were concerned. Besides that, before kids, she wanted marriage. And *that* she wasn't bringing up. "They need one of those thick wooden paddles... or to cut down on his Butterfingers."

"Oh, now that's cruel and unusual punishment. Denying a kid chocolate?" He grinned at her. "Even I'm not that mean. Imagine what I'd be like if I hadn't gotten *mine*."

"I don't want to," she said. There was humor in her voice as she continued, "All I'm saying is that maybe cutting the hyperactivity would be good. But yeah, denying him chocolate would lead to all kinds of baaad things. This show is a comedy, not a drama."

Jack grinned. "We're actually having a debate about the Simpson’s... It's official, Em. We're a couple."

She mock-gasped. "We are?! Oh no! What are we going to do about that, Jack? We can't be a couple." She was rather enjoying the teasing now. "That leads to all kinds of 'weird' things. We'll have to send out Christmas cards together, go out with other 'couples'. We don't even have 'couple' friends."

"We have to send out Christmas cards?" He mock complained. "I am *not* wearing an ugly sweater. Not a chance. I draw the line at ugly sweaters."

"Oh, don't worry about that. I didn't let my first husband wear ugly sweaters. I sure as heck am not gonna let you." She nodded with certainty. "Pictures but with nice sweaters."

"Good." He agreed mollified. "Also, no couple dating. Couple dating leads to bad, bad, bad things. Like, night caps and chit chat. Rather face Jaffa than chit chat."

"Well since we don't have any couple friends, and don't know any other couples, I don't think you need to worry about that. But I still want to be a couple when we're going out with all your single friends." She laughed. "My single friends are well... your friends too... except for Olivia and she's in Florida so we don't have to worry." She was rambling, but she couldn't help it. A couple... it was a step.

"Well, it's not like we're gonna break up, go out, come home, get back together..." Jack smothered a grin. "I haven't got the energy for it. Besides...we can just make them suffer by watching how absolutely disgustingly happy we are."

"Oh, friend torture through jealousy. Have I told you that I love how you think?" She smiled and let her eyes close again.

"Yup, but you can feel free to say it as much as you like. Gives me a hugely overblown sense of my own importance and then I can take it out on the team." Jack let one of his hands skim up and down her arm. "Fun times for all."

"Sam is sooo gonna hurt me. She can do it too, you know? Hurt me." She didn't realize it but her fingers traced along his side, mimicking his touch on her arm. "She can be rather scary when she wants to be." She gave a mock shudder.

"Nah, we'll get somebody to protect you. Jacob maybe. He likes torturing Sam too so...he'll protect any means to do that." Jack paused. "Haven't met him yet have you?"

She shook her head. "Nope. Met Thor, but I haven't been privy to meeting any of the Tok'ra, not even Jacob." They'd been here, even Jacob had been here, but she'd not been in on any of the briefings, so she'd not met any of them.

"We'll have to see to that then." Jack decided. "Gotta get used to those guys. Otherwise, the swapping when talking gets to be damned distraction and well...we don't want that now do we?"

"Yeah because I have a feeling that it's going to be rather... confusing? For lack of a better word. I just can't seem to figure it out... the Tok'ra. It's confusing enough for me to have just me in my head. Having someone else in there too... waaay too distracting."

"Oh yeah... I hear that." Jack agreed with a grumble. "A lot more trouble than they're worth I figure but, everybody does the allies mumble so I just nod and let 'em go."

"That's so nice to you. Why fight the establishment if you know you can't win?" She yawned. "Still, I'd like to meet them, just to see what they're like to maybe form my own opinion. Stuff like that."

"Well, cause I'm a natural born shit disturber and I kinda like raising hell every chance I can get but...well, Hammond'd have my head for it." He observed with a chuckle. "And, we'll see what we can do about it. Maybe introduce you to some of the nice ones. Just no volunteering for hosting duties got it?"

Yawning again, she softly said, "Oh no worries there. I do that hosting thing then I can't sleep with you. I can't be in a couple with you. And I'm sorry, but so long as there's a you in the equation, I'm not volunteering for anything."

"Well not happening anytime soon so yeah, there's no hosting in your future." Jack decided with a chuckle. "But we'll just let you visit with 'em some." He decided. "And, they'll play nice or I'll shoot 'em."

"My hero," she said, meaning it. "I wouldn't mind discussing their ships with them. I've had the opportunity to see a few of them close up, even flew a couple, but I have so many questions. Sam, though she knows a lot, doesn't know it all. And well..." She didn't finish that she'd already gone through all of Sam's notes and talked to Sam for hours about it. Sam could just no longer answer the questions that Emily had.

"You've tapped the well dry huh?" He finished for her. "Okay...so Jacob and company'll be your next unsuspecting victims." He chuckled. "I like eet."

"Well, I didn't want to say." Emily sighed. "Sam and I do have a lot to talk about. But engines... space driven vehicles are my life's work. A field I concentrated in for over a decade. Honestly, what I've seen isn't too far from where I envisioned the Farscape going someday. So I'm really not learning anything from scratch. Let's just say we've bypassed a lot of the spaceship lessons." She chuckled lightly. "Though other things... still way over my head. But not spaceships."

"Well, the crystal technology should be a bit of fun for you." He observed with a grin. "Going from microchips to crystals..." Okay so he kinda got a kick out of watching the scientists try to wrap their brains around that one. It was fun.

"Done," she said. "Got a quick lesson in that from Jonas. He's very, very intelligent, you know? He has a way of explaining things. Don't know but it just made sense to me." She smiled at the memory. "Took a couple afternoons, that's about it."

"And I missed it?" He sighed in disappointment. "Remind me to kill the kid a little."

"We didn't think you'd want to be in on it. Just a bunch of geeky talk about crystals and power sources. Specs and blueprints and color codes... what went to which system. And we talked about it in his office... so... no couch for you to sleep on."

"Okay so we need to get a couch in there. Not that Daniel left much room but..." He grumbled. "I need slouching location dammit."

He didn't talk about Daniel much, so when he did, she absorbed ever tidbit of info she could get. "Daniel wasn't agreeable to you slouching in his office, huh? I'll talk to Jonas... or maybe just tell him we have to have all our meetings in *my* office so you can wander in whenever you want. How's that?"

"Well, he kept too many books in there. No room. Ended up just leaning on one of the counters. Which, by the way, so not comfortable. But, I figure that was the message." Jack considered her offer then nodded. "Sounds like a plan to me."

"Jonas will agree to that. He's pretty agreeable though." She grew quiet for several moments. The evening's activities were catching up to her, and since Jack had Homer to keep him company, Emily decided to enjoy some silence for a few moments. It was a comfortable silence too. However, she must have dozed off for a moment. Waking suddenly, she chuckled lightly and said, "Jack, I love you."

Confused, Jack's brow furrowed. "Love you too, Em." He agreed, not sure why she was saying it at that moment but all too happy to agree.

"Think I'm gonna fall asleep on you," she said between yawns, "literally."

"No problem." He agreed sleepily. "Think I may join you. Sleep's..nice."

"It is. You wore me out." Her eyes drifted closed. "Nite, Jack." The Simpson’s still played in the background as she drifted off to sleep. She wasn't even sure if Jack turned it off or not. She loved being a couple with him. Very comfy indeed.
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