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Post #7 - Guilty Pleasures

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"So, can I throw you up against the wall and molest you horribly now?" From his position behind her, Jack rested his hands on her hips and leaned down to kiss her neck.

Emily tried not to shiver in response. She'd just finished mixing the dough for her apple pie and was trying to work on the filling. That meant peeling the apples. The feel, however, of Jack pressed against her back and then his lips on her neck, caused her to set down her knife and moan. "Um... could you make it to the wall?"

"Nah, wall, counter, same difference." He skimmed a kiss along her earlobe. "C'mon, Doc, up against the counter and spread 'em."

She had to laugh at that. "Oh now that's romantic, Colonel." Setting down the apple she'd been peeling, she used her hands to push them both away from the counter and then turned to face him. "Just makes my heart go pitter pat." She ran her hands through his hair. In all reality, the thought of simply being 'taken' by him was doing all kinds of wonderful things to her body.

He grinned. "How about, you in an apron's about the sexiest thing I've seen in years?" Cause, yeah, it was. Forget Victoria's Secret, the apron was getting him hot.

Thus, Jack figured, he was a sick, sick man.

Not that he thought that was a bad thing.

"This old thing," Emily pulled at the sides of her apron and smiled up at him slightly. "So... maybe we should leave it on, because we could do that. Nothing but an apron... could be fun."

"Mmm..." Jack considered then grinned. "Leave it on." He agreed, his hands going for her shirt. "Course, we might need to take it off to get the shirt off but...it goes back on."

She shook her head. "Naw... it's button up," she explained, guiding his hands in toward the buttons. "Didn't feel the need to wear anything heavy, given that I was working in the kitchen and all." She did lean in, though, to steal a kiss. It was almost eerie how the desire could build up between them so quickly.

Jack returned the kiss, stepping into it, his hands working the buttons down as he did so. "Brilliant, brilliant woman." He murmured against her mouth, slipping his hands beneath the opened material of her shirt in search of skin.

"Thought so," she mumbled. Her hands going into his hair as she pressed into him, increasing the intensity of the kiss. The feel of his calloused thumbs along her sensitive skin caused her to shiver.

"Oh yeah...definitely." Jack briefly sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, worrying at it for a few moments before wandering his lips down her neck as he pushed her shirt off and went after her bra.

She moved her head to the side, allowing him plenty of access to her neck. A small part of her mind said that they shouldn't be doing this here, but the rest of her thought that maybe he should hurry. There was, already, a pie in the oven.

Jack pulled back, reaching for her jeans zipper. "So, the question is..." He tilted his head, grinning at her. "Floor, counter, table...wall...Myself, I'm thinking counter."

She looked around. The counter they were leaning against was actually covered with flour. She pushed off the counter and stepped toward him. "Counter... sure... but over there," she said, pointing to the one behind them. "Much less messy that way." She winked.

"Mm...but messy's fun!" Jack protested, lifting her up and turning to carry her to the other counter. "Say bye bye to the jeans..."

She chuckled. "Bye bye jeans," she sing-songed. A part of her couldn't believe that they were actually going to do this. But he hadn't been kidding when he said earlier that her baking got him hot. She used the advantage of her position to place open-mouthed kisses on his neck. "Mmm... tastes better than pie," she whispered into his ear.

He groaned in pleasure, setting her on the counter and pulling her to the edge. Taking a moment, Jack looked down then up, judging the height of the counter versus the location of important bits. Deciding they worked, he shucked off his own jeans and his briefs before reaching for Emily's panties. "We need to get you a kiss the cook apron."

"Kiss the cook," she said, lifting her hips so that the panties slid off easily. "This is a lot more than just kissing the cook." She situated her hips so that she was on the edge of the counter and leaned back a little. It was very interesting, being totally nude under the apron. It wasn't a soft cloth, so the scratchiness was rather stimulating.

"Okay..." Jack pulled her just a little closer, sliding in only slightly. "So, we'll get one that's a just a wee bit more explicit, for when you bake. Sound good?"

She hissed and shuddered at the contact. Damn, but how did he maintain his self-control? "Fine... yeah." She pushed, though quickly realized that given her precarious position that might not be the best move. "Jack..."

"Yesss?" He singsonged with a wicked look in his eyes, inching in just a little further.

"Stop teasing," she said, resting her hands behind her on the counter and letting her head fall back. She didn't want to beg... didn't want it to come to that.

"Not teasing." He pushed forward slowly. "Am enjoying the moment." Cause, yeah, what a moment. Emily felt...Emily felt like home. He didn't want to rush the first moments of this part. He loved this part. The heat and warmth surrounding him, the sensation of sliding into her..."*Really* enjoying it actually."

Her head fell the rest of the way back and she bit her bottom lip, though it was too late to stifle the moan that escaped her throat. There was little doubt that she was enjoying it too. She wrapped her legs around his waist and let her hands bear most of her weight. "Enjoying it," she finally mimicked. "Yeah."

Thrusting in all the way, he stopped. "You have to bake more. Like...a lot. Lot more."

"Only if you move... *now*," she said, using her new position to pull out and thrust back toward him. "Got pies in the oven now, Jack."

"Teal'c'll eat 'em either way." He countered, gripping her hips and upping the tempo. "But, if we must then...moving as ordered."

"Oh thank God," she said, moving with him as their thrusts increased in speed. She couldn't think of anything else to say, at this moment, all she could do was feel. There wasn't an inch of her that wasn't feeling really damn good at the moment.

He muttered something that might've been the same thing but really wasn't all that audible then rested his head against her shoulder. Quickies in the kitchen were, well, the new black as far as Jack O'Neill was concerned. So doing this again. In fact, there were all sorts of rooms with...oh god that felt good.

"Jaaaack..." A few minutes ago, this had been the farthest thing from Emily's mind. Now, it was all she could think about. "Oh God, Jack," she said, using her positioning to try to up the tempo even more... the last rush before climax overtook her.

Jack thrust into her once, twice, and then followed her into orgasm with a muttered oath and the groan of her name. Oh, yeah...damn good. Quickies in the kitchen. Damn, damn, damn good.

She let herself settle back onto the counter and this time her hands moved to wrap her arms around his neck. She hugged him tightly. Heavens above but the sex was great. She was just starting to become overwhelmed by other emotions as well. Right now, it was all jumbled around into the fact that she simply felt fantastic.

Jack sighed heavily, the breath gusting over her skin. He couldn't think straight. Brain had blown out his ears. He was quite sure of that one. Must've made a hell of a mess on the floor. "God...."

She hugged him even more tightly to her. "Yeah," she said softly, as she buried her face in his shoulder. She so knew what this was for her... and it was far more than good sex. So she did the only thing she could think of... she held him tightly to her.

Lifting her up, Jack walked out of the kitchen and down into the living room where he promptly sat on the couch. He busied himself with freeing her from the apron before wrapping her up in the afghan, which covered the couch. "You never cease to amaze me, Em." He commented quietly when he was done fussing.

She snuggled into him as close as she could get. Her arms still held him as tightly as she could. "Amaze," she said softly. That was one word for it. She just never believed she would find herself in this position again... to feel this way for someone.

He cuddled her close, resting his head against hers. "Yeah...amaze."

She placed a kiss on his neck. It was a good thing she knew him and knew the import of that statement. She still held out for the day... the moment when he said what she was feeling. "I'll strive to continue to amaze," she whispered. "Jack..." She gave in to the temptation to hug him even more.

He smiled, brushing a kiss across her forehead. He had some things that needed to be said but, he had some planning to do before he said 'em. Couldn't just come out and toss it out casually. Had to think on it a bit. "Yeah Em?"

"Nothing." She snuggled in even more and let her eyes slide closed. "Just that... well..." she couldn't say it first. She just didn't have it in her. Instead, she gave him a genuine smile and a kiss on his neck. "I'm very, very comfy here."

"Likewise." Jack winked. "But what do we do when it's time to take the pies out?" To hell with the pies was his opinion, he was curled up on the couch with his girl...pies could burn to a cinder as far as he was concerned. This was better than a pie.

"We pray that they don't catch on fire. I can bake more later." She meant that too. What mattered most in Emily's world was holding her right now in his arms. She'd been alone, and then he came into her life again and filled the loneliness that had taken over her existence. She was so blessed to have found him.

"We got a good smoke detector in there." Jack agreed. "Should warn us. Plenty of time." He shifted position, pulling her closer. "More baking? Will not hear a complaint out of me on that front." This was said teasingly but, he was serious as well. He loved the way she filled up the house. Even with things as innocuous as baking. And, well, the kitchen sex, not bad either.

She chuckled. "So I guess this means that I should either bake with just the apron on or do it when you aren't at home. Gonna be wasting a lot of pies... not to mention talent... otherwise." She pulled away and kissed his face. "But I'm not complaining either. It's nice... fulfilling... Though your friend may complain."

"Bah, he'll eat the burned ones. Believe me, compared to what the Commissary makes? He'll think it's a grand improvement." Jack stole another kiss. "Besides, I get first dibs."

"Not first dibs," she paused to kiss him, "you get special made. I can't explain it, but there's just something about doing this stuff for you... the baking especially. I'd much rather do this than just about anything else." And that was the truth. What meant most to her was him and the fact that he enjoyed it. "I really do live for the smile on your face."

As if taking it as an order, Jack smiled broadly. "Lucky for us both you make it happen a lot then." He pressed a kiss to her temple. "God, I love having you here." He paused, then threw his carefully constructed plans out the window. "Love you too."

That did pull Emily's head up off Jack's shoulder. He was never really given to vocalizing his emotions. She distinctly remembered that when he did, he had some difficulty doing so. She looked at him and gave him a wide smile before taking his face in her hands and kissing him deeply. "Loose translation," she said when she finally pulled away, "I love being here with you, and I love you too." That said, she hugged him again.

"That would be it, yup." He grinned happily, nodding and pressing her close. "Lucky for me you speak O'Neill."

She chuckled. "I've had years of practice." She pulled out of the hug and ran her thumb along his jaw line. She honestly hadn't ever thought she'd be here, brief memories of John teasing her about her 'crush' on Major Jack flashed through her mind. He had been right, though. She did know Jack-speak very well, but to still hear the words from him... to be able to say them in return. She couldn't help but initiate another kiss before snuggling into him again. "Jack-inese is the only other language I care to know how to speak," she teased.

"Well you picked a hell of a language to learn I think." He affirmed with a grin. "I know I'm not complaining about it." He kissed her slowly. "Wanna grab the pies out of the oven then take a break and go give the dust bunnies a show?"

"We probably should, yep," she agreed, regretfully moving off his lap. She reached out for his hand, though, holding it tightly. Emily didn't even stop to think about how odd it was that she was walking around in nothing but an apron and Jack was sans pants. She didn't even give much thought to the ingredients and half-baked pies that were sitting on the counter. They could all wait. What was important was that, although they'd both been feeling something for a while, they had finally found love again. It was a moment to be celebrated... and making pies was not appropriate. Entertaining the dust bunnies... that was.


"Now, Lou, you know the rules." Jack cautioned, following the team into the Gate Room.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, if the shooting starts, heroically throw myself over Em and make sure my ass gets shot up instead of hers." The other man's head bobbed in a nod. "You got it boss."

Emily rolled her eyes dramatically, making yet another attempt at snapping her vest. This was why she wasn't military. "I doubt that he'll have time to get his ass shot because if someone starts shooting at me... a streak of lightning will be slower." She chuckled. She sighed and gave up on the vest.

Jack was tempted by the urge to fasten it for her but resisted. Last thing she needed was the overprotective lover spiel in the Gate Room for all to see. "Well, just remember to wait for the IDC to be sent before you go bolting back through the Stargate. Don't want you going splat on the Iris."

"No kidding. It takes forever for them to scrape people back off." Lou joked, dodging the smack from his old friend.

In dodging Jack's, he didn't see Emily's and she landed a good one on his arm. "I really don't find that funny at all." She laughed and held up her arm. "Now see, General Hammond gave me one of my very own, so you don't have to worry about the code getting through. I'll be flying so fast, dialing the gate and then sending the code. I'm not kidding. Carl Lewis will wish he had my speed." She pointed at Lou. "And there's nothing to clean up anyway. You really aren't funny, Lou." She winked.

"Oh yeah I am." He argued. "I'm hilarious, right Jack?"

"Absolutely. You reduce me to tears of laughter regularly." Jack agreed. "I'm dying here."

She shook her head. "Keep it up, Ferretti, and no M&M cookies for you." She made another attempt at the damn vest. It was going to drive her insane... or maybe it was just nerves at finally seeing the wormhole close-up... going through it... All of it really.

"Awwww....Emmmmm..." Feretti did his best pout. "None?" He turned to Jack. "You're a bad influence."

"I corrupt beyond all measure." He affirmed then gave Emily a grin. "Try not to raise too much hell, got it?"

It was a good thing that she knew him as well as she did. There was a lot more that he was saying right at this moment. "Will do," she responded. "And he drives me fruitier than a nut cake, but you know, Lou says jump and I'm jumping. No worries there." The end of the vest now left undone for good.

He nodded. "Good."

"So, can we go now Dad?" Feretti asked, unable to resist teasing just one more time.

"Lou," Emily said softly, "definitely no cookies for you." Though there was a smile in her eyes. She didn't mind Jack's protectiveness. Right now, it said what he couldn't put into words. And she was honestly worried about it herself. This was her first time. She may have 'heard' and studied what was on the other side, but she'd never been there.

"Ah, you'll make 'em anyway Em." He grinned cheerfully. "Admit it, you adore me to bits."

Jack snickered. "Or she'll bore you into bits. Depending on her mood, of course."

"I think I've decided not to talk to either one of you now," she said with a laugh. She drew her attention back to her vest and then just held onto the straps. "Yes, that is my plan. So quit looking at me like that... both of you." When they didn't, she said, "I mean it. This is me, not kidding." She looked at the other two men on the team. "See, this is the annoying part... when they don't believe me."

The men looked sympathetic but they also knew better. Feretti had an awful habit of leaving unfun surprises in sleeping bags, the more irritated he was the more unfun the surprise was, and well...nobody in their right mind was gonna piss of Colonel O'Neill.

"We believe you ma'am." One ventured with a little grin.

"You both get cookies," she declared, looking back to the other two men. She dearly loved both of them, though in very different capacities. She leaned a bit closer to Jack. "You think they could open that now. I really, really wanna see it." She smiled widely.

"What? The Gate? Nah, we were thinking about making you walk." He countered with a grin but nevertheless turned and waved at Davis. "Dial it up!"

"Keep it up, O'Neill," she spoke softly though she wasn't really serious. When the Gate started spinning, though, it drew her attention like a moth to a flame. She waited in anticipation, her hands still clutching the straps of the vest she couldn't fasten. When the wormhole engaged, she jumped back, nearly falling into Jack. How long had she waited for this? Her entire life probably.

"Have a good trip." Jack murmured in her ear, resting his hands on her shoulders briefly. Definitely worth it. Definitely worth it seeing that look on her face.

She turned her head and looked up at him. "Thank you," she whispered softly. Reaching up, she gave his hand a brief squeeze and then stepped on the ramp. She vaguely realized that Lou was behind her, the other two men on her team had already gone through. Emily, though, had to stop. She could feel the tears running down her cheeks as she reached out and touched it. There wasn't anything to do with fear. This was about coming face to face with something that she'd dreamed about. She hadn't been able to touch it the first time, so she was touching now. When she felt Lou come up beside her, she said, "It's absolutely beautiful."

"Yeah..." He agreed quietly, looking up at it. "Yeah...it definitely is. Nothing like it in the world. Or off for that matter."

She looked back at Jack and gave him a warm smile. When she gave her attention back to the wormhole, she exhaled deeply and stepped through.


"So..." Placing a glass of wine in her hand, Jack sat down on the sofa next to her. "How was the first one through?"

"No one shot at me." She took the glass of wine and snuggled next to him. She couldn't help but be a cuddler, and she doubted that would ever change about her. "I got a good look at the technology. Like I told General Hammond in the debriefing, we may be able to adapt some, but I wasn't overly impressed." She lifted her head for a moment. "I did learn something though... all these years of knowing Lou, I never really knew just how good at his job he was."

"Hell of a commander." Jack affirmed. "He's become the SGC's fixit CO. We got a team with serious problems, rotate him in, he fixes 'em up and goes from there. Though, doesn't happen often so the General's pretty much content to leave him with your team."

"That's good. I mean, I like the other guys, but they aren't Lou. And since I can't be on your team, I think I'll just follow Lou around." She smiled and took a sip of her wine. She didn't drink often, but tonight was a very special evening. She'd touched her wormhole and stood on another planet. Add to that the fact that she was in love with one very unique colonel, and life was very, very good.

"Well, I tried but," He grinned, "General Hammond seems to be under the impression I'd get absolutely no work done if you were on SG1. Something about not being able to concentrate. I dunno, wasn't really paying attention at the time."

She laughed at that, having to stop herself from spilling her wine. "Oh you'd probably get some concentrating done, but I doubt that it would be fair to Sam, Jonas, and Teal'c if you were constantly dragging me in the bushes."

"Nah, not a bit. Then they'd start complaining that I never drag *them* into the bushes and, well, you know how that goes. I'd be so damn tired by the time we got back to Earth. Never mind walking funny." Jack grinned, leaning over to kiss her neck.

She smiled and set her glass on the table. The fun part of a new relationship was being able to use any excuse to instigate physical contact. With a playful leer, she draped her leg over his lap and moved until she was straddling his legs, where her weight rested above his knees. "Oh, I don't think you'll be dragging any of them behind the bushes, mister. No matter how badly they want to go. The only one who gets to make you walk funny is me." She poked him teasingly in the chest. "I'll let your knees cause it once in a while. But mostly... it's gonna be because of me. Teal'c has a problem with that, I'll knock him out cold." She winked.

"Ooh grudge match." Jack smirked. "I wanna see that one. You'd wipe the floor with his ass I bet. Or...not but that's beside the point." He kissed her. "Anybody tell you you're damn cute when you can't zip up a vest?"

"Oh you." She pushed at him and attempted to move off his lap. When he stopped her, she tried to act all offended. "And you let me stand there and fight with that thing because you thought it was cute. The damn vest is defective, I tell you. Of all the vests on base, I had to get the one that wouldn't fasten properly." She tried for her best pout but knew it wouldn't last long. It was no secret that it took a lot to really make her upset, and right now, she was really just playing anyway. "Never did figure that thing out."

"Well, I figured letting you fuss with it'd've been better than having me fix it." His grin widened. "After all, don't want it to look like I'm doing everything for you, y'know?"

She thought about it for a moment and then had to nod. "I'll probably kick myself for this, but you're right. It may have conveyed the wrong kind of image." She wrapped her arms around his neck and inched forward a little. "How about tomorrow, at work, we slip into the locker room and you show me? Cause all Lou did was laugh at me."

Jack groaned as she moved on him. "We better make it somewhere more private. You do anything like this and I'm liable to throw you up against the wall and go for it."

She chuckled. Emily honestly didn't know where the love for this kind of power came from. It was rather new for her. There was just something about seeing Jack O'Neill like this and knowing that she was the one causing him to react this way that drove her to do these new things. She leaned forward and initiated a not so tender kiss. As she pulled away, she started to move off his lap as she said, "Well, I can NOT do it if you're rather. We can't be getting into any kind of trouble at work."

"Hey, do you see a mountain around here anywhere? Air Force personnel? Nope...just us. Here? Here you damn well better do it." He did his best to look intimidating. "Otherwise, who knows what I'll do."

"Okay, that look... that look may work on cadets or first year lieutenants. Heck, it may even make Sam and Lou jump to attention. But me... I highly doubt that you'll do anything to me." She smiled and in true smartass fashion said, "Oh yeah, and I do see Air Force personnel around here, I'm looking at one." She laughed and winked. "And he's so cute when he tries to be all intimidating." She did, however, resituate herself on his lap.

"Am not cute." Jack protested with a frown. "Not cute at all. Ruggedly handsome I'll take, kinda okay I'll take. But I am *not* cute."

She moved off his lap and gave him a quick salute. "Yes, sir. No calling you cute, Sir. My ruggedly handsome Colonel... got it." She couldn't help but smile.

Jack grinned. "You, however, you? You are the very picture of cute."

She leaned forward and grabbed her glass of wine off the table. Taking a sip of the liquid, she shook her head. "If you aren't cute, then I'm not cute. I'll take beautiful, charming, alluring... but the cute thing is a two way street Colonel Jack."

"Ohhh..." He leaned over, taking the glass and taking a swallow of his own. "Okay then, how about alluring, sexy, gorgeous, damned tempting and more than a little delectable? Hmm...Doc?"

She couldn't help but blush at that. "Well... I wasn't fishing for compliments." She reached up and caressed his cheek. "But since you're handing them out, I'm going to blush profusely at them."*

"Feel free to blush." He agreed, pulling her close again. "You're...sexy when you blush."

Since she was no longer in possession of her wine glass, she slid an arm between his back and the couch and let her other one rest on his abdomen. "Well, I don't know about my being sexy, Colonel Jack, but I do tend to blush a lot when you're around. I have no idea how you've managed to find my instant blush button."

He grinned lazily, the hand on his bare skin bringing back all manner of fun feelings. "It's a skill. I push buttons...kinda like the reactions I get." Reaching out, he ran a hand along her thigh, skimming back and forth.

"Jack," she said his name softly, "remember when we left for work today, you promised that if I came back from my mission safely I'd get a nice long bubble bath and take out food before more rounds of mind-numbing sex?" Her head now rested on his shoulder. "You're seducing me on the couch so you can skip the bubble bath, aren't you?" She teased.

"Well," He slanted a wicked grin at her, "Can't say I'm looking forward to smelling like strawberries but..." He winked. "I thought we'd get a little in before I called for the take out."

She laughed at that. "So you're planning on dessert BEFORE dinner." She ran her hand down to his waist band and traced it slowly. "Now, is dessert here on the couch... or do we scare the dustbunnies some more. I think they're positively terrified into submission now."

"Ahh, this is an appetizer." He teased. "And, I'm thinking we haven't terrified the dustbunnies in hours. Need to traumatize 'em some more lest they plot to overthrow us or something."

"Oh, come on." She stood quickly and grabbed his hand. At the look on his face, she laughed. "The last time they plotted, I ended up a prisoner in that closet. I'm not going back there again. So you, Colonel Jack, are going to make me scream in sheer ecstasy so we can scare them back into submission. It's our only defense."

"Well, then, if it's our only defense," Jack heaved a dutiful sigh. "We've gotta do what we've gotta do to save the house...the world maybe. Those bunnies won't stop with just one house."

"Exactly, and the more you dilly dally, the more force they gather. So get up and come perform your patriotic and universal duty." She gave his hand another pull. "You really aren't going to make me go in there by myself, are you?"

He chuckled, backing her against the wall, kissing her slowly. "Nope. Savoring the moment though." Turning, he pulled her along the hallway with him. "You're right, better get moving."

She chuckled as it took her a couple steps to fall in line with him. "Just don't wind me before we even get there or you're doing all the work." It was very refreshing to be on the receiving end of this though. Jack O'Neill could be very... enthusiastic when he wanted to be.

"Oh, believe me, I don't think I mind that idea at all." He leered at her playfully. "Got all sorts of interesting ideas I can put to work."

"Whoever said you weren't an intelligent man was a fool, Jack. A damn fool, that's all I'm saying. As far as I can tell, you are the one who is a genius. What a great way to be able to use me at your will. Wear me out BEFORE you wear me out." She gave his hand a squeeze. "Nice strategy."

"Been known to cook up a few in my day." Jack teased, pulling her into the bedroom with him. "Got a few good ones going on about now too."

"And you're going to share with little ol' me?!" She gave her best 'Floridian' accent and pressed her hand to her chest. "How lucky can a girl get?"

"Hmm....give it a few minutes." He backed her to the bed and cheerfully fell onto it with her. "I think you'll have an answer to that."

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him enthusiastically. "Oh yeah... I soooo love how you think. Love that almost as much as I love you."

Jack returned the kiss before rubbing his nose against hers lightly. "Consider it part and parcel." He responded with a grin. "You get the thinking along with the guy."

"It's a complete package." She pressed her hips into his and her voice took on an entirely different timbre. "And what a package it is. Such a grand salute." She would never get over how good it felt to be brazen with him. He really seemed to appreciate it.

Jack winked. Sliding a hand along her body, down between her legs, his attention drawn that way by her movement. "Speaking of salutes..." He teased, leaning in to kiss her neck. "I can think of a good one."

Emily moaned in response to the gentle pressure that was now pressed between her legs. Damn man, he was determined to kill her with happiness. Not that she was complaining at all. "I'll bet..." She inhaled sharply at his lips on her neck. "I'll bet you can."

"How am I doin' so far?" Jack inquired casually, sliding his fingers along her, playing a little. Exploring.

"Oh, not bad," she managed to tease. "Though the dust bunnies really aren't even concerned." She laughed, even as her hips pushed into his hand, asking for more.

He slid a finger inside while his palm rubbed against her. "Give 'em a minute. We're barely even warmed up." Leaning over, he kissed his way across her chest and down to a nipple.

Her fingers wove into his short hair and her only real response was to moan. There was much more unintelligible words that came from her mouth. Something about 'oh', and 'god', and 'Jack' and other things she wasn't sure about. But the overall impression was that if he was only beginning, she was in trouble. Not that she minded, of course.

Jack added a second finger as his lips migrated to the other breast, paying the nipple there the same attention he'd granted to its twin. All the while he listened to Emily's comments as they egged him on.

Her head fell back into the bed, hands held Jack's head firmly in place. Holy... She began to shiver with pleasure. Not too long ago, Jack had found her G-spot... one of them anyway. He played it now like an expert and drove her right to the edge. She wasn't ready though... instead, her hips surged against him, drawing his fingers in deeper, begging for more though she wasn't sure what that could be.

Taking his time, Jack savored her body. Teasing at it and loving it. When she was this responsive, this hyper sensitive, she was amazing. But then again, she was amazing all the time. Just doubly so now.

"Jack..." she warned. There was a moment of near agony as she tried to delay orgasm. A part of her wanted the pleasure to go on without end, but her body was rapidly reaching climax. She wasn't going to hold out. And as she called out his name again, her entire body spasmed with her climax. She did cry out too, definitely enough to scare the dustbunnies.
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