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Post #4 - Guilty Pleasures

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Tucking his hands beneath her upper thighs, Jack lifted Emily up, perching her on the countertop thus bringing her even with him. This done, he rested his hands on the counter on either side of her and leaned into the kiss. She tasted fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. But then again, it was Emily. Of course she would.

Nice and resourceful, she thought as she readjusted her hold on him. Angling her head, she was now able to let the kiss deepen, to go to another level. Damn, but kissing Jack O'Neill was wonderful. This was something she hadn't felt in so very long... beautiful, desirable, and attractive. It wasn't so much that she felt it because he said it, but a man didn't kiss this way unless he felt them. That, in and of itself, was its own kind of magic.

Reluctantly, Jack lifted his mouth from hers and grinned at her. "Strayin' onto dangerous ground here." He observed, eyes going to her lips again. They were really too far away. Very far away.

She ran her hands along the sides of his head, through his very short hair and had to force herself to nod in agreement. "We are." She let her eyes slide closed and leaned forward enough so that she could rest her forehead in the curve of his neck. It had been so long for her... since she'd had these kinds of physical stirrings and the desire to do something about them. But there were also a lot of other things going through her mind. Was she afraid? No. This was Jack and she was definitely feeling something for him. Maybe it was insecurity; it carried the same sensations as fear but came from a completely different direction. She placed a soft kiss on his neck and then realized her mistake because the skin there tasted oh so very good. It was now a full-blown war inside of her.

Jack groaned quietly, the sensation registering with his nerves and racing through his body and registering with some very interesting places. He needed to move. Needed to get back out of this. He didn't want to push her into something she'd regret later. It was the last thing he wanted. If something grew between them, like he wanted it to, then it would be something that happened naturally. Something that wasn't going to blow up in their faces.

She shuddered at the sound, but forced herself to pull away so she could look into his eyes. Again, she ran her fingers lightly along the side of his head. "Those are some fireworks, Jack. Makes it very tempting to throw nice and slow out the window." There was a touch of something akin to disappointment in her voice as she said those words before kissing him again. "I could easily do this, you know? All day. But I have to admit, I'm nervous about everything else."

"Yeah..." He swallowed heavily, fighting for his breath. "I know...believe me, Em, this is...god, I could kiss you forever. But..."

"But you sense it too?" she finished for him. She didn't want to put distance between them. She wanted to wrap her legs around his waist and pull him to her, hold him there and kiss him senseless... kiss herself senseless too. But he was right. They could kiss forever, but that would lead to the need for other things. She just wasn't sure if she was ready for those. She wanted them, but was she ready? Still, she leaned in and took one more slow, casual kiss. Before it could lead to anything more though, she regretfully pull away. "So what do we do now?"

"Something with a lot of activity that doesn't involve me being close to you." He grinned. "Lest I give in to the temptation to haul you off to the bedroom and let you have your wicked way with me."

She grinned in return. Leave it to Jack to state what they were both thinking and to take away the sting of regret with his classic sense of humor. "Funny, all I seem to want is to be close to you. But you're right. Should we go bowling, golfing, flying? Can I still get a sweater and eat my donuts?" She smiled brightly.

"You still get the sweater and the donuts and then... how about we do a little mindless shopping?" He helped her down, unable to resist stealing another lingering kiss. "One for the road." He explained quietly.

"You can have one any time you want," she said. This time and space thing was going to be difficult. Her body was reacting to the old memories of how it felt to make love to someone. Her heart was reacting to him. Her damn head was giving her problems. "Sweater first, I think. I'll be right back." She let her finger linger on his cheek for a moment before she took off for his bedroom. This was definitely dangerous ground they were treading on.

"Take your time!" Jack called out, forcing the desire out of his voice. Listening to her footsteps down the hall, he turned, leaning against the counter, sucking in deep breaths. "Lots of time." He murmured, closing his eyes. Damn this was turning out to be harder than he'd expected. He hadn't anticipated things getting this intense this fast...but, then again, he should have. Emily...she was incredible.


She stood in his bedroom for a moment, looking at the bed. Lord help her but she wanted to be a teenage girl again and go over there and bury her face in his pillow, giggle like mad, and inhale his scent. It would be her luck though that he'd walk in and catch her. She couldn't help but notice, though, that his room was amazingly neat. That was either from the discipline of the Air Force or the discipline of Sara. Sara... Emily inhaled slowly and then exhaled. A part of her understood why they'd divorced, but then again a part of her didn't. They had been so in love... she believed a part of them always would be. Could she live with that? The answer was yes, because a part of her would always love John too.

She forced herself over to the closet where she opened the doors and studied the sweaters inside. Damn, he had a lot of them. She knew that no matter what one she chose, she'd be swimming in it so she took one of his blue ones out and slipped it on. As she was closing the doors, though, she remembered his comments about the dangerous dust bunnies. She couldn't help herself... not really... in so many ways she would always be a kid at heart. She opened the doors again and stood inside the closet. "Jack," she cried out, trying not to snicker. "Jack, they're attacking me." Of course, she'd buried herself in his closet so she knew all he'd be able to see was her feet. Still, she called out louder. "Jack!!!!!"

Emily's voice yelling for his name, briefly Jack's mind supplied all sorts of x-rated reasons why but he pushed them out of his head, pulled Jack out of his thoughts with a sharp rush of adrenaline. Turning, he sprinted down the hallway, skidding to a stop in the bedroom door. "Em?!!"

"Jaaaack," she called out again, trying so hard not to laugh. She shook the sweaters. "They're attacking me. Pulling me into their... Jaaaaaack!!!"

Relaxing, Jack shook his head and laughed. "Bunnies got you, huh?" He observed dryly. "Told you not to annoy 'em." Crossing the room, he pulled back the clothing and looked in at her. "I should leave you to their mercy."

She feigned a worried expression. "I was just... putting on the sweater... and this really big one... he grabbed me and pulled me in." She fanned herself not realizing how hot actually joking in a closet full of sweaters could be. "I was minding my own business." She pulled the sleeves up on the sweater. "It was an ambush, I tell you. Scary, evil bunnies."

"Ahhh, not so evil. Merely misunderstood." Jack leaned against the open closet door, grinning. "He saw the beautiful woman and just couldn't resist and, of course, he being a dust bunny, he needed his dust bunny friends to help get you in here."

Pushing one set of sweaters to the side, she stepped out of the closet and folded her arms over her chest again. The sweater really was big on her and she had to pull up the sleeves again when she moved her arms. "Well, all he'd have to do is ask and I'd visit with him, but trying to pull me into the nether regions of the closet is not the best way to introduce himself. Besides, he had to know I'd call out and you'd come to my rescue. It's what you do, after all." She reached out and tugged at the sweater he was wearing.

"Hope springs eternal. He probably thought you'd've fallen for him too and wouldn't call for help." He chuckled, reaching out to roll up the sleeves for her. "You're swimming in that thing."

She shrugged and held out her other arm for him so he could roll it up too. "Yeah, but I love this one," she said softly. "It's so comfy and it reminds me of you." She looked up at him, realizing that maybe that's not what she should have said, but anything else would have been a lie. Emily Crichton was not a liar. "I love it," she nearly whispered.

He froze, mid motion, his eyes going to hers. One hand slowly dragged away from her arm and up to cup her chin, thumb brushing across her lower lip and back again. "Em..."

She took his thumb in her mouth, tongue lightly flicking along the pad even as she took a few steps closer to him. Very, very dangerous territory. Now more than anything, however, she just wanted to replace his thumb with his lips... to taste him again. "Jack..." she said, after releasing the digit from her mouth.

He shuddered at the contact and, as if pulled forward by an unseen force, moved forward to kiss her. The air in the room was almost charged and this time, the kiss reflected it. His hands sliding into her hair, he held her close and kissed her with every ounce of the desire her action had re-ignited. God he wanted her. It was more than that but...it all boiled down to Emily and the sudden need for her.

Thought, reason, and hesitation all went out the window with this kiss. It hadn't actually been her intention to be back in this position when she'd thought up her little prank, but that's where it had lead and she wasn't going to change or regret the action. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his mid-back and pulled herself as closely to him as she could. She opened her mouth to him, inviting him in to take as much as he wanted.

Jack took the invitation as soon as it was offered, his tongue sneaking in to introduce itself to hers. His hands wandered away from her hair, sliding down her body to the hem of the sweater, there, they slipped beneath it until they found the softness of her skin. The rational part of his mind was screaming to stop but the rest of him, his heart, his body and a good chunk of his brain were definitely not listening.

She paused for only a nanosecond as his hands touched her flesh. The usually very sensitive skin of her ribs didn't even react with their normal tickling sensation. All she knew right now was this. felt. good. And she wanted to feel more of it. Her hands began to mimic his, reaching up underneath his sweater to find lean abs. She couldn't help the sudden thought that passed her though mind... did they taste as good as they felt? Oh she was so lost. Insecurity be damned. She was giving herself over to her body and her body screamed with want and desire.

Forcing himself to stop, if only to breathe, Jack stared into her face. "Em..." His thumbs brushed the skin of her sides as he breathed out the word, his eyes locked on her face.

She looked up and her eyes locked with his. What she saw in them... No man had looked at her that way in years. No man had looked at her that way except... It was odd, but that thought didn't bring up any of the usual pangs of heartache. They were swept away by the sheer force of desire in Jack's eyes. She placed her hands on top of his and pulled them away from her face. In that instance, she made a decision. "I know, Jack," she said quietly. Stepping back just a little, she reached for the hem of the sweater she'd just put on and pulled it off, letting it fall to the floor.

He hesitated for a long moment, taking in the sight before him and recognizing the intense importance of the moment. This was no easy step for her. No easy step for him either. But...It was a step they were going to take regardless and he couldn't regret it. He wouldn't. This was...

"God you're gorgeous." He almost didn't realize he'd spoken but it didn't matter, within seconds of saying it he was kissing her again. Kissing her as if he'd never get to do it again, that it was just this one kiss with her was all he would get.

She returned the kiss, putting every ounce of her desire and want into it. She knew what she was doing, she knew where this was going, and she knew she wasn't going to regret it. Not at all. She wanted him. When the kiss had to end for the necessity of air, she grasped his beltloops with her fingers and pulled him to her, telling him without words, what she wanted.

Using the momentum, Jack spun them and fell backward to land on his bed with her on top of him. There, he grinned at her, pushing her hair back from her face before lifting up to kiss her soundly. As he did so, his hands moved from her hair to skim down her back in search of the clasp of her bra. Finding it, he unhooked it and pulled the straps down her arms.

There was a split second of shock, awe and then realization as she felt her skin fully exposed to his scrutiny. It had been a long time for her, and yes, that thought kept going through her mind because there was... perhaps... a bit of performance anxiety. There was, however, no doubt that this was what she wanted. To prove it, she gave him a long, lingering kiss before taking his hand and guiding it to the soft flesh of her breast. It was a symbol that said, 'Touch me, Jack.' That's what she wanted... to be touched... to have him touch her... to feel alive again.

Rolling them again, Jack looked down at her with a smile then leaned down to take the nipple of the other breast into his mouth. As he did so, his hand squeezed the other one gently, experimentally, thumb rubbing over the nipple as he tried to read what she liked. Sex was an awkward business sometimes and he was determined not to fumble this particular encounter. It was far too important in his eyes.

Her hands went immediately into his hair, holding his head were it was. The nipples perked into tight nubs and all she wanted was for the play to continue. Emily was tactile; she craved the touches and kisses. What he was doing to her right now... She pushed her head into the bed and arched her back toward him. "Oh God, Jack," she said, nearly breathless.

He smiled around the breast but didn't let up, the only pause came from when he switched from one to the other. He took his time in the process, acquainting himself with her upper body and committing it to memory. Every sigh, every reaction, they'd come in quite handy for any future encounters. Which, Jack had a feverent feeling there would be.

She reached as far down his back as she could and pulled the sweater he was wearing up, exposing the flesh of his back to her. There was an instant where she was torn. Did she pull his sweater over is head and then take enough initiative to roll them over so she could taste? Or did she let the sensation of feel win over and simply lie back and enjoy the oh so thrilling mouth that was suckling her breast. He was successfully squashing any concerns about her performance skills and replacing it with need.

Jack paused long enough to pull the sweater over his head and throw it aside then kissed the space between her breasts before moving up to kiss her again. "You're beautiful." He murmured against her mouth between kisses.

That was something Emily never pictured herself as... was beautiful. She'd seen beautiful women. Tall... long, soft, flowing hair... skinny... sensual. She was just plain old Emily. Under the intensity of his affections though, she believed him. She took his face in her hands again and made him look at her. What she was feeling... Suddenly it was so very powerful. She was able to roll them over and kissed him soundly before she was able to finally taste his skin like she wanted. And she tasted it too... using not only her lips but her tongue, and at times, with the gentle scraping of her teeth. She was right. He tasted like the outdoors and his favorite soap. He was addictive.

It was Jack's turn to experience and he groaned in pleasure when she set to work on him. He hadn't seen this side of her before, not any more than hints anyway and certainly never directed at him, and now that he was seeing it, he wanted to see more of it. As much as she'd let him. He wanted to see all the sides of Emily. His thoughts becoming disjointed, he pushed them aside in favor of more simple ones. Like, Emily gorgeous. Emily hot. Emily very, very creative. He liked those thoughts.

She worked her way down his abdomen, stopping there long enough to run her tongue along the well-defined muscles. This confirmed her thoughts of earlier. Age was not taking its toll on the shape of his body. Emily looked up from her work long enough to smile at him. She could see it in his eyes, what this was doing to him. It was having the same affect on her. She sat up and undid the snap on his jeans and pulled down the zipper. That was all she did too. Instead of touching what was growing hard because of her attentions, she moved back up and kissed him, almost fiercely.

Jack returned the kiss in kind, his mouth returning at least in part the pleasure she'd sent thrumming through his body. She didn't have a clue what she was doing to him but he was going to sure as hell do his best to show her.

Emily was never one to do the taking. She never really had an urge to be on top during the actual act of intercourse. More than likely, it was why she'd returned to kissing him when she had. It was definitely why she wrapped her arms around him now and guided them in another roll so he was once again on top. When they broke away from the kiss, the look she gave him this time told him she was ready. Certain parts of her body were actually starting to quiver with anticipation.

Jack kissed her again, careful and slow this time, then his hand slid down her body to find the fastening of her jeans. He took a moment to sit up and work them from her body before taking care of his own. He turned back to her then, taking in the length of her before reaching out to run one fingertip down her body as if tracing a path.

She squirmed under his ministrations. It was more a way to try to contain the ache that was growing within her. There was simply a desire... a love... that welled up in her chest and spread down to her core. His eyes on her now nude frame didn't make her feel self-conscious. Instead, they only added to the feeling. She wanted to reach out and touch him as well, but all she could do was run her hands along her sides and up into her hair before grasping the pillow that lay underneath her head.

Jack stopped and moved to the beside table, there were still some condoms in there somewhere though...it'd been a *long* time but...aha. Finding one, he returned to the bed, settling down beside her and taking care of that first. Wasn't terribly romantic on the surface but, he had an odd view of romance anyway.

With it taken care of, he could return to his earlier position. Leaning over her, he skimmed a hand along her body, mapping it out before kissing the soft skin of her belly.

When he thought she was ready, he lifted himself up over her, leaning down to kiss her again, savoring the moment.

Her hands went to his face again and she caressed his scalp as the kiss continued. This position wasn't one she expected to be in so quickly, but as she opened nearly trembling legs for him, she knew that the speed with which they had gotten to this point didn't matter. There was a bit of nerves sneaking in. No doubt about it. There was also little doubt about the fact that he knew that. There'd only been one man for her... she was about to take her second. That thought alone caused her to increase the intensity of the kiss... this moment was so very powerful for her.

Jack took the moment of actual penetration slowly. It'd been a long time for them both and he wasn't about to rush it. Easing into her, he kept the motion slow, steady, and careful. Plenty of time for fast later. A hiss of pleasure escaped him as he moved in, her name hot on its heels. Incredible...

Torn between keeping her eyes open and watching and letting them close and simply feeling, Emily chose the former and when he hissed, she let out a low moan of pleasure. This wasn't a dream, though she'd had plenty of those lately where she'd wake up with a strong longing between her legs. This was real. That longing was being filled and there was no doubt about who was filling her. "Jack," she whispered hoarsely, moving her hips a little to tell him she was ready and feeling that tingling sensation sweep through her entire body. Oh God... There was no word for the bliss of the moment. One thing was certain though... movement was becoming a necessity.

He said her name in a similarly hoarse voice as he let his hips fall into a natural motion, rocking in and out. It was a surreal and hyper real moment all in one. He couldn't believe it was happening and yet the sensations surging through his body, the feeling of her beneath him, the things she was saying...oh yeah, so very real. He groaned in pleasure, his body pushing him to move faster.

She held onto his shoulders, as his head bowed toward her she was actually able to get her mouth on his skin. A slight sheen of sweat was starting to coat his skin and she tasted it. The added sense causing all kinds of other wonderful reactions throughout her body. It may have been a while for her, but it was all coming back. She used her hands to increase his sensitivity and thereby causing hers as well. There wasn't a part of her that didn't feel that sweet ache. That build toward completion. But she didn't want it to happen, not yet. She wanted to savor this moment a little longer.

Jack murmured disjointed endearments into her ear as he focused everything on holding on just a little longer. There was something to being connected like this...to being with her that he didn't want to give up yet. Didn't want to let go of it. Didn't want to let go of her. Ever.

God she felt good.

Not ready yet... She wasn't ready yet for this to be over. She was losing the ability to form complete words or phrases, muttering things like "Oh... Ja... Oh... M..." She also took it upon herself to plant her feet on the bed and thrust up to meet him, not that she hadn't been moving with him before, but there was more drive behind her thrusts now. Her body was taking over her mind and right now, her body wanted to feel that moment. Everything around her caught and held before it exploded in more sensations than she believed it possible for any one person to feel. And when it happened for her here, she did cry out, she did manage to say his name, and there were tears on her cheek. There were no words for the euphoria. It just was.

Caught up in watching her, Jack was prepared for the intensity of her reaction and was, thus, caught off guard. It swept him away and he was all too happy to let it happen. His release poured through him and into her and back again in a continuous surge. He was vaguely aware of sighing out her name then he was aware of little else until the image of her face swam into focus before him. She was gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

She watched him for several long moments, gauging the look that passed over his face. He was as enraptured as she was. And now that it was over and they were sated, she felt her senses rushing back at her... gaining control. She had really just made love to him... they'd done it together. And all she felt was... very happy. She gave him a soft smile, lightly caressing his cheek. "Wow," she finally whispered.

"Big wow." Jack agreed when his brain remembered how to create actual language. "Big, big, big wow."

She laughed and reached out to touch his shoulder. "Big wow... little vocabulary." She paused for a moment and then impulsively hugged him tightly to her.

"Voca-what?" He teased then let out a playful, "Oof," as she squeezed him. "Mind the lungs, Em." Turning his head, he kissed her neck, inhaling the scent of her.

"Oh..." she pulled away and patted the offended area. "My bad. I just... well..." She moved in again but this time instead of hugging him, she just buried her face in his chest. Oh yes, she could do that too.

Jack laughed, rolling to lie beside her. "Yeah...well." He agreed. "Seems like we've both melted our brains out."

She wasn't exactly sure if her brain was fried. There were definitely thoughts forming in there. She just felt too damn good to put them into words. "Oh, I melted alright, just not sure it was my brain... completely anyway." Of course, her words were muffled because she was mumbling them against his chest.

He chuckled. "We can get somebody to check your systems out. Doc Fraiser slings a mean penlight." This was said as he nuzzled into her neck. "Course, that means I gotta let you out of bed first, huh?"

"Which is not going to happen, sorry, nope... not leaving." She chuckled, her arms sliding gently around him now. "So, if you take me to see this Doc Fraiser, does that mean I get to see the secret life of Jack O'Neill?" She placed a tender kiss over his heart.

"It means there's a good chance." He allowed with a grin. "You know how this crap goes, tape upon tape upon tape. We keep the red tape guys in business."

She lifted her face away from his chest and looked up at him. "I lived wrapped in red tape, Jack. That nasty stuff bound me down for years. No offense but you know I'm not the biggest fan of the 'suits'. Honestly, I'd be surprised if they gave me any kind of clearance, as quickly as they wanted to get rid of me and everything."

"Well, we don't got that many 'suits'...just a lot of uniforms." He gave her a teasing grin. "And you'd better be polite to those guys. Hammond only looks like a teddy bear."

She rolled her eyes dramatically. "Well yeah, I *know* Hammond." She poked him in the chest. "Him I'll be nice to because I like him. But some of those others, Jack, they just don't like me. You know that needing a 'fall guy' and all."

Jack smiled, rubbing her shoulder. "Breathe, Em. You know I'm no fan of those guys either but...the bunch I work with? Not so bad. The secrecy is as much for your safety as ours."

"Breathe, huh? That along the same lines as relaxing?" She looked up at him and smiled. "Marty will be back in two days... if not sooner. Then you'll go back to work and I'll write my book again. The offer of the spare room still open?" she asked with a demure smile.

"Nope." He leered teasingly. "Figured we'd upgrade your reservation to the master suite. There's a spare side of the bed open."

She swatted his bare thigh and stuck out her tongue at him. "Sure you can handle that. I'm sort of a bed hog." She shook her head. "No, that's not exactly true. Not a bed hog... just an extreme cuddler." To prove her point she snuggled in. This felt unbelievable. To be lying next to someone... to have his arms around her... to feel *happy*. How long had it been? And to find that with Jack O'Neill. That was something she'd never expected. "But if you're willing to take the chance, so am I."

"Well, as long as you don't cuddle me right out of the bed or something, we should be fine." He winked. "Unless, of course, you snore. If you do, we've got a major problem."

"I never had..." She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. "I guess you'll just have to find that out for yourself now won't you. You may just have to invest in cotton or ear plugs. So there!"

"Ear plugs, gotcha. Should be some lying around base somewhere. Maybe I can requisition some." He pretended to contemplate the idea seriously. "Though, they'll wanna know why..."

"Oh they will? Well, you can invite some friends over to meet me. I promise not to bite, and I may even be able to engage them in some fairly interesting conversation. I have Jack O'Neill stories from way back when... You know, when he was a Major and then a Lt. Colonel." She chuckled. "Even a couple of funny stories about him trying to fish off of Dad's boat this one time in Florida."

Jack did his best to look threatening. "Oh no you don't. There will be no sharing of embarrassing Jack stories. Got it? Not one."

"Awwww, c'mon," she mock pleaded. Sticking out her bottom lip, she continued, "But that story is so cute. I mean, I have a few others that aren't nearly as funny. Like that time we went camping and you guys were playing football and you fell in the poison ivy. *That* was hilarious too!"

"Cute to you! Not to me! Nope, not cute to me." Jack shook his head. "I'm supposed to be intimidating. Not 'cute.' Scary, not hilarious so absolutely no sharing of the stories." He glowered in his most ominous fashion.

Of course, Emily just chuckled at it. There had been a couple times in her life that she'd seen Jack O'Neill enraged. He'd grabbed a hold of Dwayne once, and threatened his life if he ever caught him around Emily again. She remembered that and he was extremely intimidating then. Intimidating because he was serious about it. But toward her... the glowers were for pure show. "Not even the one about when you got drunk and got freaked out over the jellyfish. That wasn't cute so much as humiliating though. Especially since the thing was already dead. If I remember correctly, *I* saved you from that catastrophe." She leaned in and rested her cheek on his chest. "You're a fun guy to have around. I would think that your friends would appreciate that."

"Oh they'd appreciate it all right." He mock groused, fussing with the covers and moving about a bit, getting comfortable and making sure she was as well. "They'd appreciate it by never letting me hear the end of it. I'm supposed to be the one who does that." This was said smugly. "And does so regularly."

She situated herself to the new position and snuggled in even more to him. "Well, I hate to be one to argue. Since we both know I'm not one to be disagreeable," she gave him a mock-glare, daring him to disagree, "because maybe among your co-workers you are the 'giver of harassment', but I know the side of you who's taken his fair share too. You're friends with the Crichton's, Jack. It's inevitable."

He grinned. "Yeah but that's different. That's them. Besides, not much Jack can say I can't counter him on. Guy's got as many embarrassing stories as I do. More thanks to his kids."

Emily was forced to agree. "Susan and John alone are... were enough to keep the stories rolling for hours on end. Adding Olivia into the mix and they're countless." She hugged him a bit tighter, not really realizing she was doing it. "Still, sharing those stories... it is kinda fun."

"Really kinda fun." He agreed with a nod. "Need to visit them more often. Been too long."

"You can talk to him when I call him. Susan, Frank, and Bobby still live in that same house. Bobby will be 14. Olivia's still in college and well... we were both living with Dad." She inhaled deeply, enjoying the smell of him. Boy was Dad gonna be surprised about this.

Jack ran a hand lightly over her hair. "Don't have to rush to tell him about this, y'know. It's okay to let it be your own personal secret for a while...if that's what you want to do."

She nodded, thankful beyond words for his understanding. "He just worries about me. I'm not his daughter by blood, but he's been more of a father to me than Dwayne could have ever been. He's still a father to me, even though he doesn't have to be. It's not that I don't want to tell him. I do. He's just going to be all concerned and have that tone." She looked up at him. "You know the tone."

He groaned, thumping his head off the pillow which wasn't nearly all that satisfying. "Yeah, I know the tone. Remember 'the tone' very, very well. You get that tone a lot. So does Liv. Poor kid."

"Babies of the family," Emily explained. "But if I get the tone, imagine what you are going to get." She looked up at him. "Do *you* want to keep this our little secret for a while? I'll have to tell him... eventually. When I don't come home, he's gonna want to know why. And since I've been living in his home for a year, he'll notice that I'm not there." She said the last with a small smile.

He laughed. "I can handle Jack. The idea of him giving me 'the talk' and asking my intentions is pretty damn funny actually but we're going to handle this at your pace. Besides, new job. He won't complain about that one. Though, your taste in roomies he might have issue with."

"He already knows all about the work you do. The man has clearances that are beyond belief." Reaching up, she placed a hand on his cheek. "I want to tell him about all of it. The new job... us... All of it. I'll get the tone, you'll get the talk, but he'll be happy for us both. He can't not be. I'm happy... for the first time in a year... I'm happy."

He smiled, catching her hand and holding it in his. "Then whenever you want, we'll tell him. Decision made."

"Well, I normally call him every night... after I leave here... to let him know everything's okay. He worries and all. Though I'm thinking tonight, we feed Precious and Penelope and then run back here." She leaned toward him and initiated a kiss. "Cause I wouldn't mind doing more of that."

"Mmm...me either." Jack agreed, kissing her playfully. "Definitely plan on more of that. And, this," He kissed her again, "And maybe some of this." With that, came a particularly long and thorough kiss. "Yup, definitely."

She ran her foot along his leg as her hand moved along his side and then lightly rested on his rear. "Oh yeah, we better do more of that." Giving his butt a squeeze, she said, "As a matter of fact, let's try that kiss again." She didn't wait for him to initiate it; she did it herself.

"You can try *that* any time you want." He teased when they parted again. "Standing permission and all that."

"Standing," she said, pressing into him. "Yeah, I can feel that there's standing permission alright." She kissed him again. "It's because you taste so damn good." That statement led to a very wicked thought. Giving him a slight push, she rolled him over onto his back and sat up. She used both hands to remove the used condom and then smiled deviously. "Taste... sounds good doesn't it." And that said, she tasted.

When she tossed the condom aside and Jack realized her intended target, he closed his eyes in anticipation. The first touch of her lips on him brought a groan of pleasure from him. "Emmmmm..."

"Hmmmm..." she nearly hummed around the organ as she held it in her mouth. She pulled up and licked at the head, tickling the slit before holding it at the base and asking, "Want me to stop?" She didn't wait for an answer, just licked her lips and set back to work on him.

"You stop now and I'll..." His threat died on his lips and words pretty much abandoned him. Never in a million years would he have expected this from her and now...

She was gonna kill him and he was gonna die damn happy.

This was something she didn't do very often. It was never really her preference before. For some reason, though, it just felt right. He did taste good too. She took as much of him in as she could, continuing to deny him any kind of rhythm. She also reached down and fondled him. It was like once she began exploring, touching and tasting, she couldn't stop.

Jack wasn't sure what to do or say first. His brain seemed quite willing to shut down and let his body go along for the ride. He groaned, grasped at the bedclothes, and tried to keep his eyes open to watch her but it was a constant battle to do so. A battle he was more than willing to fight as the sight of her was simply amazing.

She pulled up again and looked at him. She couldn't help but admire him for trying to hold out... to make it last. When she thought he'd gone without attention long enough, she set to work on him again. This time she took him in deeply and hummed, knowing the vibrations would drive him wild.

The woman was trying to drive him insane. She had to be. Absolutely insane. Groaning her name, he couldn't believe he'd recovered this fast much less was on the brink yet again but...

His head thumped against the pillow as he fought for control, a totally losing battle by the way, in an attempt to prolong it.

But, yeah, totally a losing battle. Jack wasn't one to give in easy but...he was fast losing this part of the battle and...

Ah hell, he wasn't losing, he'd totally lost.

With absolutely no grace whatsoever, Jack was pulled into one hell of an orgasm.

Emily took in as much as she could, riding it out with him and seeing him beyond the orgasm to that point where extreme exhaustion took over. All of him was now lying limp beneath her. She rested her head on his hip for a long moment while his breathing came under control and then moved up his body. She lay half on him and half beside him, tucking her face in his neck. That had been very unusual for her, but she enjoyed every moment of it. His reaction alone was worth it.

"Em...." Jack sighed, trying to control his racing heart. "You're...Amazing. Absolutely...amazing." Realizing how he had to sound, he smiled slightly. "Seen my brain lately? I think my speech center took a vacation without warning me."

She laughed lightly. The experience had an affect on her as well, watching him build to his second climax had definitely affected her. "I don't know about amazing, but I'd guess your brain is probably in the closet with the scary dust bunnies." She moved, just enough to put a kiss on his cheek. "It's rather endearing though."

"Dust bunnies took it hostage huh?" He inquired fondly, running a hand along the skin of her back. "Sounds about right...especially if you think it's endearing. Endearing's good. Very very good."

"Oh yeah, your definite lack of speech is very endearing." She shivered slightly at the touch and pulled up enough to look at him. "But then again, there are numerous things about you that are very, very good."

Rolling them, he grinned at her, one hand playing across her midsection and up to her breasts, teasing at them. "Do I get a list or do I have to torture 'em out of you?" He did his best to look menacing but it was ruined when he bent his head to drop a playful kiss on one pert nipple. "We haf vays of making you talk."

She laughed, wiggling beneath him. Damn, he recovered his ability to move rather quickly. Not that she was going to complain, though. She was already rather worked up. "Oh you do, do you? Well, I haf a vedy strong vill."

"Do you now?" He asked archly, maintaining the accent. "I zuzpect you are not nearly so strong as you fink." Leaning over, he pressed kisses over the swells of her breasts, his tongue tracing a line.

"Fink?" She giggled though whether it was from the word or a means to handle the sheer pleasure she was experiencing, she didn't know. The attention he was paying to her breasts was doing decidedly delicious things to her and she knew he was right about her lack of will power, but it was nice to pretend... because it felt so damn good.

"Fink." Jack repeated solemnly. "I fink you are entirely within my power... Yess...I am quite certain you are." He sucked determinedly on one nipple, his hand sliding down her body, between her legs, fingers exploring carefully.

She tried not to groan, but in doing so, a noise came from her that was completely unrecognizable. She arched into the probing fingers, wanting to take them deep inside of her, but she really wanted to deny that he had power over her... to play the game. "I do not... think..." She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. That was pretty much it... she couldn't think.

"Mmhmm...this is precisely my point." He teased. "Completely in my grasp you are...at my mercy...or, you would be. Had I any." Slipping one finger inside her, he left the breast he'd been teasing and moved to the other. Equal opportunity after all.

"Only..." She ground her hips into his finger, while her hands moved into his hair. "Cause you... cause I... I had you too."

"Hmm..." Jack paused, considering. "This is most true. However..." He lifted up to grin wickedly at her. "Highly irrelevant." Thus said, he added a second finger while his thumb rubbed over her clit in a lazy motion.

"Oh God, Jack," she cried out, letting all pretense of who had control slip away. What mattered right now was how she was feeling. Her hands grasped his shoulders and squeezed. Her hips really began moving now. Tiny explosions shot throughout her entire body as the big need continued to build.

He smiled, just slightly, caught up in watching her. At the best of times Emily had no idea just how beautiful she really was. Now...now he had a feeling she couldn't begin to imagine just how knock down drag out gorgeous as all hell she really was. But he knew. And he had every intention of doing his damndest to prove it to her.

She moved, completely lost in what she was feeling. Everything in her focused on that. The calluses of his thumb continued to rub against the extremely sensitive skin of her clitoris. That, in combination with the stroking of his fingers inside of her, caused her to arch her back and cry out as need gave way to orgasm and Emily was lost.

She wasn't alone. His body still thrumming from the orgasm he'd experienced, Jack watched her with an enraptured gaze as he tried to help her ride it out, soft endearments slipping from his lips, words he wasn't even paying attention to...he just kept speaking to her. His voice rising and falling softly.

When she finally gained some control over herself, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her. What a revealing morning this had been! She wasn't delusional either. It was actually still morning. She felt happily exhausted. Happier than she'd felt in so very long. "Jack," she said his name softly. The man she had considered a close friend, and very much *only* a friend for over 20 years, was now so very much more than just a friend. She knew that... could feel it in her heart.

"Yesss?" He responded with a little grin, hugging her in return. "Is there something I can do for you, Doc? Or you just practicin' for later?"

"Just..." She hugged him tighter. "What a difference a couple weeks can make. You know?" She closed her eyes and placed a kiss on his shoulder. A couple weeks ago, she was still surrounding herself with grief... or what she now believed was her security blanket. Jack, in his own unique way, had come charging in and completely changed that. "And gods above but there better be more later."

He snickered, nipping at her earlobe. "Damn straight. By the time I'm done, you're not ever gonna wanna get out of bed." Pulling up, he kissed her gently. "Sometimes, it only takes a second to up end your worldview. Weeks, hours, days, minutes...time's a tricky thing."

"It is." She reached up and put her hand on his cheek. "I think I was drowning in mine. Drowning and I didn't even realize it." She missed John, but for the first time, moving on was something she didn't fear. Jack had given that to her, and not just by taking her to his bed. The trip here had been a long one... not in the practical application of time, but in the spiritual sense.

"Remember that feeling." Jack agreed. "You don't realize how bad it was till you're out of it and looking back on it. When you do...and you see." He kissed her temple. "Been a bit of a trip for us both I'd say."

She nodded, her eyes closed as she accepted the kiss. "It's like I could see myself. I knew what I was doing, but I didn't want to climb out of it. It was safe, holding onto... him." She sighed. There was absolutely no doubt in her mind that he knew how she was feeling. He'd lost his son... and his wife as a consequence. Sara wasn't dead to him, but she was no longer in his life. So he knew all about the heartache. It was still there. She wasn't naive enough to believe that all of his heartache was gone... nor did she believe that all of hers was. She did know that he would be here for her, as she would for him. "I think... No, I know... Moving on... with you... I can do it." She ran her fingers down his arm and grasped his hand. "Never would have thought I'd be here, but I'm so very glad I am."

He smiled, kissing her again. "It's good to have you here too. No idea how good it is to have someone else around the place, to have someone *here*." He didn't just mean a warm body. Far from it. But then again, he also had the feeling he didn't need to explain what he meant. She already understood.

She nodded and brought their hands up where she could place a kiss on his fingers. "It helps, too, that you *know* me. Everything we've gone through... secrets... at least of the personal nature... there just aren't many between us. We aren't actually going into this as strangers." True, she didn't know about his job, but she'd grown up Air Force... she knew about classified situations. In time, he would tell her. Until then, she just wanted him to come home to her... since this was going to be her home and all.

"Definitely not strangers." Jack agreed with a nod, nuzzling her neck again. "Which, may I point out, eliminates the whole many and varied awkward phases. Huge relief, lemme tell you."

"That it does. And imagine, I know you... and yet I'm still here." She couldn't help but laugh at her own joke. To make up for it though, she turned her head and initiated a kiss. "You're right though," she said, "this is comfortable. And if I'm not too bold, it just feels right."

"Not bold at all." Jack paused then risked a teasing, "Goldilocks." He kissed her quickly before adding, "And behave you, or it's to the dust bunnies with you."

She laughed at the teasing. "Just remember O'Neill, with two l's, what comes around goes around." She couldn't help but kiss him again.

"Mm...that would be what I'm hoping for." He informed her with a wicked smirk. "Particularly that comes part."

She shook her head. "Okay, that's just wrong." She couldn't help but laugh. "Speaking of coming and Goldilocks and such... this little drifter, if she's actually moving in... would maybe like to have some of her belongings shipped from the Cape. Then a party, of sorts, to introduce me to your friends. Oh... and we have to find Feretti. He's so going to get a kick out of this."
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