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Post #3 - Guilty Pleasures

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Going to put more than one bit in this segment. Need to do a little catching up here.

Post #3

"Ahhh the Scoobster." He grinned in approval. "We may need fortification before we watch. More coffee or are we still good on that front?"

"Say... you wouldn't happen to have any iced tea, would you? Not that the coffee isn't great." She offered him a smile. "If there's not tea, you might want to top this off for me, sure."

"Hmmm....Iced tea..." Jack got up, taking the mug from her. "I'll see what I can't dig out. Must have some in there somewhere and what the lady wants the lady gets so...I'll find some."

"It's sort of my addiction," she said as he left the living room. She gave her attention back to the television and quickly flipped through some channels while he dug through his cupboards, or whatever, for tea. She paused for a moment on the Discovery Channel. They were running a documentary on Saturn. Her favorite planet. Though she quickly turned back to Scooby so as not to bore Jack to tears.

"Heyyy..." Appearing in the doorway, he pointed at her. "What was that you had on?" Moving closer, he leaned on the couch and looked down at her with curious eyes. "That wasn't Scooby...whatcha hidin' Doc?"

"Not hiding," she said with a small smile. "I was channel surfing while you were fishing for iced tea. No way am I skipping out on Rooby Roo. Did you find any tea?" she asked, setting the channel changer aside.

"Ahhh but you found something else." He pointed at her with a grin. "You stopped. That was *not* surfing." Leaning over, he rubbed her shoulders, a small grin playing about his face. "C'mon Em...shareeee...."

She couldn't help but chuckle at him. Damn man... how was she supposed to ignore that plea? "It was just one of those space documentaries on the Discovery Channel. One I've seen a hundred times." She winked and gave him a smile. "Scooby so outranks that anyway."

Aha. Space documentary. Little did Emily know. Scooby was neck and neck with that. But, well, she wanted to see and *that* tipped the scale for him. "Put on the documentary. A doc for the doc. Now, I did see some iced tea so...gimme a sec. You want it strong...or weak?"

"Hmmm... strong with sugar," she said, settling into the couch. She looked up at him though, a bit of uncertainty in her eyes. "Are you sure? Because this is your vacation and all... and if you would rather watch mindless cartoons instead of documentaries, I'd be more than happy with the former. Really wouldn't be a problem."

"Hey, I like stargazing and stuff. Promise not to fall asleep on you." He paused then winked. "Unless you want me to." Thus said, he disappeared into the kitchen.

She watched him wander back into the kitchen. If he'd looked back, he would have seen something similar to happy shock on her face. Had he just flirted with her? It had been so long; she wasn't sure. Picking up the remote control, she turned it back to the Discovery Channel. Saturn, her favorite planet. "You know," she elevated her voice so he could hear her in the kitchen, "when I was a little girl, I told Dwayne I wanted to live on Saturn." She always called her biological father by his first name, having severed all ties with him.

"Saturn huh? Nice little place with a good view of the rings maybe?" Jack swiftly stirred the ice tea, glancing over his shoulder. "Bet that's primo real estate. You sure you can swing it?"

She shrugged though she was smiling lightly. "Dwayne told me that there was no way anyone could live on Saturn. Something about me being a silly girl." She watched for a moment as they showed footage of the planet. "I think, if I was able to swing it, I'd want a nice little house in the upper atmosphere, so I could see the rings. Not on the equator though because they're seemingly invisible straight on."

"Bah, what's Dwayne know?" Jack dismissed, bringing in the tea and handing it to her. "Personally? I think you could totally do it." He winked. "In fact, I know somebody who could really hook you up with an awesome little set up."

"Oh you do, now, do you?" She happily took the glass of iced tea and tasted it. "Perfect. Thank you," she said before setting it on the table. "Now, who would you know that could hook me up with a home on Saturn? Because I would really, really like to meet this person... if it even is a person. Alien? Green, gray, looks like Chewbacca?"

"Way too short for Chewbacca. Little bigger than an Ewok. Smarter too." He teased with a grin, imagining Thor's reaction to this particular conversation. He had a feeling the little guy had a sense of humor whether he admitted it or not. "You'd have your dream house like that." He snapped his fingers for emphasis.

Once again, she turned onto her side so she could more fully face him. "I would, huh?" She watched him for a long moment before smiling softly. "And does this *friend* have big eyes, long limbs, kinda look like the creatures on Close Encounters?"

"Bah, not even close." Jack rested his head on the back of the couch then winked again. "He's taller."

"You're pulling my leg, Jack O'Neill," she said, reaching out to give his arm a push. "It's not nice to tease a girl about her childhood fantasy of living on her favorite planet in the solar system. Taller? Nice one, O'Neill."

Jack laughed. "He really is! Not as skinny either." He gestured. "Tubby little guy."

She reached out to push on his arm again, but when he made the 'tubby' gesture, she stopped and left her hand resting on his arm. "You're serious, aren't you? I mean, about this alien guy?" Her heart was nearly in her throat. Life... on other planets... More than living on another world, it was her dream to find that it existed outside of their small sector of the galaxy. "Aren't you? Serious?"

Jack smiled and nudged her ice tea. "Drink up you. I slaved over a cold glass for hours to make that." He wanted to tell her. Really he did. Wanted nothing more than to make those eyes of hers light up with excitement but...he couldn't. Not yet. Not until he got Hammond's okay. For once, he had to do this the right way. He screwed it up and Emily would be the one to suffer for it, not him. And he was not adding to the lady's pain. Not when he didn't have to.

She sighed and sat up, reaching for the glass of iced tea. "Nice dodge of the question," she said, taking another drink and holding the glass in her hands. "Did you know Jupiter is actually larger than some suns? If one thing had gone differently, and Jupiter had became a sun, Saturn would be completely different." She sipped her tea again. "Oh, and it's the lightest of the planets too. Very, very bouyant."

"I thought it was a dodge with much style." Jack agreed with a grin. "And bouyant huh? It on Weight Watchers? Or just exercising well?"

"More like the gases that make up the planet are very, very light. The planet would actually float if you could immerse it in a body of water big enough." She bit her lip. "Too much information, huh? And it was a dodge with style, but still a dodge nonetheless. Then again, the dodge says as much as if you'd actually come out and told me anyway. But it's cool. I like the idea... I think parts of me really need to hold onto the idea."

He understood that, reaching out, he clasped her hand in his. "Give it time, Doc. Might get more than that to hang on to. Just...gotta give it some time."

She exhaled slowly and entwined her fingers with his. "I can do that." She looked back over at him and smiled. "At least until Marty gets home and I have to go back home because I'm so not living out on the street here in Colorado Springs."

"Who says you gotta go home?" He frowned. "I've got spare bedrooms y'know. One's yours as long as you need."

"You just offering because I can cook?" she teased though she squeezed his hand. "You know, I'm half-tempted to take you up on that. It's a bit more cold here than what I'm used to, but the change of scenery... it helps. Helps a lot. Plus, I'll get to bug you every day." Not to mention worrywart over him. She was happiest when she was taking care of people.

"I can cook!" He protested with a wounded expression. "And I've got lots of sweaters. You have standing permission to raid the closet. Just watch out for the dust bunny colony in the back corner. I think they're planning something."

She shook her head. "But you miss the point, Jack, I *like* to cook. I love to bake too. So if I move in, I'm doing the cooking, unless it's on the grill. You'll be in charge then." She made a play at thinking and then teased, "So I can raid your closet, but I probably shouldn't try to quell the rebellion... or whatever it is, huh? Don't want them retaliating while I'm sleeping."

"Yeah, no rebellion quelling. They're vicious little bastards. Get you when you least expect it. Noooo attempts at vacuuming. They'll go nuclear if you try that." He personally thought they had a little Naquadah reactor back there but the dustbunnies were experts in camouflage. "Vicious, vicious little bastards."

"Okay, okay, I'll be good! I can raid your closet for sweaters but no cleaning of the bedroom area." She beamed him a smile. "I don't have many sweaters, not much call for them on the Cape. I have jackets because it does get cool on the beach, but warm sweaters... not really a staple in Florida."

"Then my sweaters are your sweaters." He promised with a grin. "Whatever you need."

She looked at him for a long moment. Her hand squeezed his in silent thanks. She'd known this man for years, and they'd gone through some major moments in life... as friends. The death of his son, the death of her mother-in-law, his divorce, and finally John's death were all major moments. So the offer wasn't a big surprise to her. Still... it touched her. "Thank you, Jack," she said softly. "And not for just the sweaters."

He smiled, squeezing back, thumb rubbing over her softer skin. "Any time Doc. You got that? Any time."

She smiled back at him, looking down at their joined hands. "I'd say ditto for you, but all I have to offer at this moment is my charming personality." She looked back up at him. "But I'll hold you to it."

"Hey, your charming personality is better than a few measly sweaters." Jack assured with a tiny grin and another squeeze. "I'll take that over a sweater any day."

"Well I meant for more than the sweaters," she chuckled lightly. "I meant for the place to stay as well."

"Oh, well, that's a given anyway." He shrugged it off, twinkle in his eye. "Always a place for you here if you need it."

"Do I need it?" she questioned. The truth was, she didn't know what she needed. "Well, technically I'm not working right now... between jobs... getting paid to write this book. So I'm not sure what I really need," she finally admitted.

"Then I'm not sure what's here for you but I'm pretty sure it is." He smiled cheerfully.

"That's... um... nice and cryptic." She laughed lightly. "So basically whatever I need, whenever I need it... I'll find it here."

"Yup." He grinned. "Clear as mud huh? Just think of this place as your own personal one stop shop. If O'Neill’s hasn't got it, we'll get it."

"Kind of like a convenience store." She rested her head back on the couch and closed her eyes for a moment. "I like the sound of that."

He watched her quietly before saying, "Glad to hear it. Your convenience is our convenience." She'd changed in the time since he'd last seen her but for the better. Blossomed really. Dangerous territory for his thoughts to be going but, in the lazy atmosphere of the morning, he didn't fight them.

She leaned forward and rested her head on his shoulder. It was comfortable... comforting... She didn't really want to take a nap, but he had said there were no rules for today, and that included resting if she wanted. It was a very, very comfortable shoulder too. "Can't argue with the amenities," she whispered, following it with a yawn.

"Always glad to hear that." He murmured quietly, brushing a hand over her hair. "Naptime, eh Doc?"

She nodded. It was as if by his gesture, he was silently telling her it was okay to use him as a pillow. "You said, no rules," she spoke quietly. His body heat was just drawing her in like a magnet. She reached out with her other hand and offered him the remote.

"I did at that." He agreed quietly. "Take as long as you want. I'm comfy." Remote in hand, he settled back with her leaning against him.

"’M comfy too," she said softly, yawning again. "Not a long nap, just a while. Very comfy. Nite, Jack." This hadn't happened in a very long time, falling asleep on another man's shoulder. It should have felt strange... or maybe wrong, but it didn't. This was Jack O'Neill, and she'd known him for decades... almost two of them actually. He was comfy, and that was her last thought as she let herself fall asleep, one hand entwined with his while the other rested on his abdomen and her head on his shoulder.

Jack was in trouble. He knew it quite deeply. There was a part of himself that was going with thoughts he really shouldn't have been. Emily had never occupied his thoughts like this before. Only, he was beginning to believe, because neither of them had ever been in this sort of position before. But now...

With her nestled against him, breathing deep and even...

He knew quite clearly, that he was in serious trouble. And he didn't mind a bit.


"So...comin' over for coffee this morning?" Having picked up the paper, Jack crossed the street to hug her good morning.

She hugged him in return. It was a lot more than just a quick hug among friends, and she knew it. She hadn't really fought with herself much over what she was starting to feel. She thought she'd feel guilty... like she was betraying John. With Jack, though, it just felt right, like she was learning how to live again. How could that be wrong? "Of course, I am," she said with a wide smile. "Precious and Penelope have had their morning cuisine, and I'm all yours for the rest of the day actually." Or longer, she thought but didn't add.

He smiled quickly, looping an arm through hers. "C'mon then, pot’s on and..." Here he paused dramatically before leaning in to add, "I've got donuts. The *good* ones."

"Ooooooh, you got the jelly-filled?! I *love* those!" She let him lead her across the street and into the house. "What is on our agenda for today? You know, they say it's spring but this state has no idea what the word 'warm' really means."

"Got jelly filled, got chocolate filled, got sprinkles, got without, got glazed...I got it all." He grinned. "We're pigging out first. Then, we'll get you into a nice warm sweater and work from there."

"Jack O'Neill, I like how you think." She chuckled and gave his arm a squeeze for good measure. "Think I'll start with a jelly-filled, work my way to a glazed, and maybe chocolate filled for dessert. A girl can never have too much chocolate."

"I have been told this many times." He tapped the side of his head. "Sooner or later it sinks through...only then do I remember! But I do not soon forget. There is ample chocolate for you and sprinkles for me. We'll be lazy and satisfied together."

"And I'll, no doubt, gain fifty pounds thanks to the O'Neill diet I'm on." She shook her head at that thought. "You'll have to roll me home in a wheelbarrow and explain to Marty why I'm too fat to feed his 'little baby girls'."

"Ha! All I'll have to do is say the words 'little baby girls' and he ain't gonna argue. " Jack opened the door for her and stepped back. "Plenty of blackmail material you're giving me, Doc. Plenty!"

She rolled her eyes dramatically. "I am in soooo much trouble. I'm in soooo deep it's going to take a bulldozer to dig me out. You know Marshall Sumner as well as I do. He can be downright scary when he wants to be." She made her way inside and headed for the kitchen. "And he never fed me donuts."

"Well then, clearly the man needs to work on his recon." Jack teased, presenting a box of donuts for her perusal. "After all, the way to a certain Doc's heart, I hear, is through good jelly donuts."

She smiled widely, picking up the fattest jelly-filled in the box and then grabbing a napkin. "It really is. You've certainly won mine." The words were out before she even realized the possible duality of the meaning. She looked forward to mornings, knowing they'd be spending them together. She did her hair and her make-up as well. Had he actually won her heart? Probably, or as much of it as she could really give anyway. She smiled again, liking the thoughts that just went through her head.

He smiled, reaching for a donut of his own. "Maybe." he allowed with a smile. "But, gonna make sure of it first." And he was serious. This was not to be taken lightly. This, this had to be done right, each step done and moved through carefully, if it was going where he thought, he was gonna do it the right way.

Emily had always been the kind to lead with her heart. She did it with John, and obviously, she was doing it now. She also knew that she wasn't the kind of woman to have a casual relationship. She enjoyed being in one and put all of herself into it. So when he said he wanted to make sure first, it was something she understood completely. I was hard sometimes, thinking about moving on, so it definitely had to be the right thing... for both of them. She walked over and poured two cups of coffee. "Nothing wrong with being certain about things, Jack," she said softly. She also wasn't going to deny that there were feelings between them either. "We've both been here before. We know what it takes, and we know it isn't easy. I can promise you though, it's worth it." She winked as she handed him his mug, coffee fixed just how he liked it.

He eyed the coffee then her carefully. "We have been." Reaching out with his free hand, he touched his fingertips to her jawline. "Question is, what are we prepared to do now that we're back here?"

She put her free hand on his forearm and squeezed it gently. "We find out what's here? I think we both think we know." She closed her eyes momentarily, enjoying the feel of his touch.

"Yeah but some of us like having it spelled out nice and clear." He observed, his eyes taking in her features, taking a step closer. "Fireworks and lightening, the whole nine yards."

She set his coffee mug down on the counter and then looked up into his eyes. She had to admit that a small part of her was frightened. It may be cliché but she'd only really kissed one man before. That man would never be far from her thoughts, but at the moment, he wasn't predominant in them. "I suppose," she said softly, "that I can't speak for you, but there will be for me." He was still drawing closer and it was causing a very familiar feeling in her chest. "Those fireworks? Fuses are being lit right now."

"Should we yell a stand clear warning?" He teased with a lazy grin to hide the nerves. "Or...just have at it?"

"I think... just saying it is warning enough," she said, her voice growing soft as she felt the anticipation well inside of her. This was Jack... old friend about to turn into something far more than that. And she was ready for it. A part of her was really surprised about that, but she was. Though she was also thinking waaay too much. "So maybe we should just have at it."

"Then have at it is the one." He decided quietly, his hand sliding down to rest on her shoulder as he leaned forward to kiss her tentatively.

She responded to the kiss, feeling his lips on hers and getting a brief taste of them. He tasted good... like he'd already had some coffee this morning before he came to get her. Her hands moved up to cup his face, and she quietly said, "Little fireworks... leading to even bigger ones, I hope."

He smiled. "Count on it. In fact, making things blow up is a specialty of mine. Wanna see?"

"Colonel Explosive," she teased, rubbing his cheeks with her thumbs. "Yeah, show me."

"At your service ma'am." He drawled back before putting down his coffee cup and slipping his arms about her and kissing her deeply.

She felt a surge of warmth rush through her and those fireworks he talked about... well they were definitely going off right now. Her hands dropped away from his face and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He was quite a bit taller than she was, so she lifted up on her toes to more easily press up to him. She was really doing this? Kissing him. And it felt good. It felt really good.
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Date:June 5th, 2005 12:27 am (UTC)
Just watch out for the dust bunny colony in the back corner. I think they're planning something."

LOL, that line just cracked me up for some reason. You really captured Jack well in this story. I'm loving it and can't wait to get through the rest to see where it goes.
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Date:June 5th, 2005 03:16 am (UTC)
Medie does a great job writing Jack. His 'voice' is so natural for her. And I'm glad you enjoyed it. You're reply reminded me that I hadn't put up an addition in a while. So I got one up. Jack and Emily going grocery shopping. ;-)
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Date:June 9th, 2005 01:57 am (UTC)
Ooooh, I better get reading then!
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Date:June 11th, 2005 03:40 am (UTC)
Hehehe! There's soooooooo much to put up too. We add quicker than I post! But it's kind of cool to look back at where they were and go through everything with them again.
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